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File a Dispute on Your Square Debit Card

Where there are card payments, there are payment disputes. As a Square Checking account holder, you can count on us to help you through this process and present your dispute to the merchant in a timely manner.

Things to consider before filing a dispute:

  • Ensure the payment has posted to your account and isn’t pending or voided.

  • Some merchants (e.g. gas stations) will place a temporary hold on your checking account to authorize your purchase. This temporary hold will be higher than the actual transaction amount, typically $75 or $100. We call these transactions pending authorizations. These pending authorizations can take up to 14 days to clear.

  • Contact the merchant to try and resolve your concerns. We aren’t able to pursue a dispute if you haven’t attempted to resolve the issue with the merchant directly.

Please note: when you file a dispute for unauthorized, or fraudulent charges, we may need to deactivate your Square Debit Card to prevent any additional unauthorized charges from processing. If your Square Debit Card is deactivated, you can order a new card directly from the Square app, or from your online Square Dashboard.

1. File a Dispute

If you notice a transaction you didn’t make or have a question about a transaction in your history, you will need to report a dispute. To do so, access our Dispute Form to begin the process.

What you’ll need to file a dispute:

  1. Transaction date and dollar amount

  2. Merchant name as it appears on your statement

  3. Details about what you believe is incorrect and why

  4. Any supporting documentation (proof transaction was paid by other means, expert opinion on company letterhead, etc.)

As you go through our Dispute Form, you’ll be asked to explain in detail what’s incorrect about the transaction. If there are multiple transactions in question, a dispute will need to be filed for each transaction separately. Please note: In order to give you the best chance at recovering your money, you must file your dispute within 60 days of the error appearing on your transaction history.

2. We Investigate

Once we receive your dispute form, we will begin our investigation. If we receive enough information to proceed, a temporary credit may be applied to your account. Some disputes may not be eligible for a temporary credit. We will notify you via email once your dispute has been successfully initiated and confirm whether a temporary credit has been applied to your account.

If you have any questions, please respond directly to our initial email for help. As we seek to validate your dispute, we may reach back out for further information or documentation.

3. We Follow Up

We’ll make sure you receive the results of our investigation via email. While we settle most disputes within 30 to 60 days, some may take longer.

If we’re not able to find a provable error, the disputed transaction will be considered valid and we’ll remove any temporary credit we provided. Whenever we can, we’ll provide you with further information as to why we had to deny your dispute.

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