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The Square Payroll app provides employers with the ability to process payroll, update their team, view their payroll history and manage their payroll account while away from your computer.

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If you are an employee or contractor, you may be interested in learning more about the Square Team app.

Home Settings


Pay W-2 employees by processing payroll or making an off-cycle payment. Pay your 1099 contractors by making a contractor payment.


Manage your team through this tab by adding and removing employees and contractors. You can update their tax settings, payment method, assign a timecard tracking passcode and update any benefit elections.


View your payroll history and a breakdown of your tax calculations and debits for each pay run. You can also preview a team member’s pay stubs.

Additional Settings

Tap the three horizontal lines on the top navigation bar to view and edit:


Enroll your employees in benefits that automatically sync with Square Payroll. These benefits are simple to set up and run in the background when you process payroll.

Tax Forms

View and download federal and state tax forms filed on your behalf by Square Payroll.

Business Information

View your business taxpayer information and tax settings. You can can also update your unemployment insurance rate from this tab.

Bank Account

View and update your payroll bank account. For more information on the bank verification process, visit Verify Your Square Payroll Bank Account.

Payroll Settings

Set up the feature such as automatic payroll and tip importing features. You can also update your notification preferences, check processing method and request to close your account all from the Payroll Settings.

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Tap Sign Out to exit the app.

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