Updates and Corrections in Square Payroll

The email address I entered for my employee/contractor is incorrect, how can I correct this so they can get their pay?

If your employee/contractor hasn’t finished setting up their account you will be able to edit their email address. To do so:

  1. Visit Team in the Payroll section of your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select the individual whose email was entered incorrectly.
  3. Edit the email address in the panel on the right-side of the screen.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Once you update the email, Square Payroll will automatically send their pay to the updated email address. If the funds have already been claimed by the owner of the incorrectly entered email address, contact us.

If your employee/contractor has set up their account, they will need to log onto their Dashboard and update their email address. To do so:

  1. Visit their Team Member Dashboard.
  2. Click Personal Settings at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select Email Address > enter updated email information.

Your employee or contractor will receive a confirmation email with a verification code to the updated email address. They will need to enter the verification code into their Dashboard to complete the email update.

I incorrectly entered my employee’s year-to-date (YTD) gross pay. Can I update this information?

No, you will need to contact us directly to edit your employee’s year-to-date gross pay. It’s very important that this information is accurate. 

Can I view employee or contractor pay stubs?

You can view pay stubs online for each employee or contractor. Employees/contractors paid by direct deposit can view their pay stubs online.

Can I change my pay date?

No, you cannot change the pay date for your pay period at this time. Currently, Square Payroll sets that pay date as 5 business days after the end of your pay period. For more information, visit Square Payroll Payment Schedule

I paid my employee the wrong amount. How do I fix this?

If you accidentally made an error processing payroll, you may be able to cancel the pay run. You’ll have until one hour before the deadline for processing to cancel the run. The deadline for cancelling a pay run is 7 pm PT. To do so:

  1. Visit the History section of your Payroll dashboard.
  2. Click on the run and then click the Cancel button.

Please note, if you have processed multiple runs in a given day, you will need to cancel the pay run at the top of your history first, and work down from there, cancelling them one by one, until you get to the run you need to cancel.

If the run has already processed through our system and you accidentally underpaid an employee or need to send an employee additional pay, you can do so through our Off-Cycle Payment feature. If the employee was overpaid, please contact us so we can assist with additional options.

One of my employees is no longer with my business. Can I remove them?

Yes, you can remove employees who are no longer with your business and calculate their final paycheck with Square Payroll. For more info on this feature, visit Remove Employees from Square Payroll.

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