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Square Payroll Federal Tax Filings

Below is a list of federal tax resources and forms filed by Square’s online payroll services. View state-specific payroll filings for the jurisdictions in which we are currently available.

Note: Square Payroll prepares and files your tax forms electronically. You can download, save, and if you prefer, print each filing we’ve submitted from the Tax Forms tab of your Square Payroll dashboard. The files will appear as PDFs and will not be formatted the same as forms you might find online. They will, however, provide you with all the information we filed with tax agencies on your behalf.

Federal Tax Forms Filed Payroll Tax Agency
IRS Quarterly Form 941 Internal Revenue Service
IRS Annual Form 940
Form 944
Form 1099-MISC (Contractors only)
Internal Revenue Service
SSA Annual Form W-2
Form W-3
Social Security Administration
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