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Oklahoma Employer Tax Information

To sign up for Square’s online payroll services in Oklahoma, you must be registered with the Oklahoma Tax Commission and the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission so we can pay and file your state taxes.

Agency Required Tax Information Format
Oklahoma Tax Commission Oklahoma Withholding Tax Account ID WTH-10000000-99 (3 letters and 10 numbers)
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Oklahoma Employer Account Number 00-0000000 (9 digits)
Oklahoma Contribution Rate X.X%

Oklahoma Tax Account Numbers

Oklahoma Withholding Tax Account ID

  • If you are a new business, register online with the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

  • If you already have a Withholding Tax Account ID, you can find this number on correspondence from the Oklahoma Tax Commission. For additional assistance, please contact the agency at 405-521-3160.

Oklahoma Employer Account Number and Tax Rate

  • If you are a new business, register online with the Oklahoma Employer Security Commission to retrieve your Account Number and Tax Rate.

  • If you are already registered with the Oklahoma Employer Security Commission, you can find your Employer Account Number and Contribution Rate on the Unemployment Insurance Rate Notice mailed by the agency every year. If you are unsure, you can contact the agency at 405-557-7222 or EzTaxExpress@oesc.state.ok.us.

Oklahoma Payroll Tax Details

Square Payroll processes the following per the frequency below to the listed state agencies:

Agency Filing Frequency
Oklahoma Tax Commission Withholding Payment Coupon (WTH 10004) After Every Pay Run
Wage Withholding Tax Return (WTH 10001) Quarterly
Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements (OK W-3) Annually
Wage and Tax Statement (W-2) Annually
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Employer's Quarterly Contribution Report (OES-3) Quarterly
New Hire Report As Needed