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New Hampshire Employer Tax Information

To sign up for Square Payroll’s online payroll service in New Hampshire, you must provide a New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) Employer Account Number. 

Add Your NHES Employer Account Number to Square Payroll

Your NHES Employer Account Number is required for Square Payroll to make state tax payments and filings on your behalf.

Don’t Have a NHES Employer Account Number?

Visit the NHES website for instructions on obtaining an NHES Employer Account Number. After you fill out and mail in the required paperwork, NHES will send you a Determination of Liability notice in the mail containing your nine-digit (XXXXXXXXX) NHES Employer Account Number and your New Hampshire Net Tax Rate.

To contact NHES for general questions, call 603-228-4033. 

Can’t Locate Your NHES Employer Account Number?

To locate your NHES Employer Account Number:

  • If you’ve filed state payroll tax returns in the past, you can find your NHES Employer Account Number on any previously submitted quarterly tax filing. The NHES Employer Account Number is a nine-digit number in the following format: XXXXXXXXX

  • Contact the NHES via phone at 603-228-4033 or 603-228-4034.

To update your NHES Employer Account Number within Square Payroll, you can do so from the Tax Info tab in your online Square Dashboard.

Add Your New Hampshire Net Tax Rate to Square Payroll

You must provide your NH Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Rate when signing up for Square Payroll so we can accurately withhold this tax. Please note, do not include the Administrative Contributions (AC) rate with your UI rate. This will be calculated separately.

To locate your UI Tax Rate:

  • If you are a new employer, you can locate your UI Tax Rate on the Determination of Liability notice mailed to you after you submit the required paperwork to obtain your NHES Number.

  • If you are an existing employer, you can locate your UI Tax Rate on the Tax Rate Determination form mailed to all employers by the NHES at the end of August. Please note, our system will allow a zero rate if you are assigned one by the agency.

  • Contact the NHES by calling 603-228-4038.

You are responsible for ensuring that the Net Tax Rate Square Payroll has on file is up to date. Please contact us if you need to update your rate. 

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New Hampshire State Tax Details

Square Payroll processes the following per the frequency below to the listed state agencies:

Agency Name Frequency
New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) Unemployment Insurance Tax Payment Quarterly
Employer Quarterly Tax Report Quarterly
New Hire Report (NHES 0085) Per New Employee

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