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Manage Devices by Location

Who is this article for?
This article is for sellers creating and managing device codes for devices that use the Square Restaurants POS app.

Note: For devices that use Square Point of Sale or the Square Retail POS app, learn more about remote device management.

Creating and assigning devices to your business locations enables your team to sign in to your Square Restaurants POS app with simple and safe device codes. This helps keep your account information secure so that you don't need to give out your email and password to team members that also need access to your account.

When you create a device code for the first time, you’ll be asked to assign the device to a specific location (create and edit locations anytime from your Dashboard). Device codes can pair a phone or tablet to a specific location, allowing for device-level reporting.

Note: Device codes cannot be used to access your online Square Dashboard or account settings. To give a team member their own login for your Dashboard, start by creating team members in your team list.

Generate a Device Code

Note: Make sure you're completely signed out of the Square app before starting.

To generate and use a device code:

  1. Sign in to your and click Settings > Device Management > Points of sale > POS Devices.

  2. Click Add a Point of Sale.

  3. Enter a Nickname for the device, a Location, and select a device type. You may see additional settings depending on the type of POS you have.

  4. Click Create to generate your code.

  5. Take note of the device code, or click Send Device Code and enter your email or phone number.

  6. Click Done when finished.

  7. Open the Square Restaurants POS app on your mobile device and tap Sign In.

  8. Tap Use a Device Code and enter the code on your device.

Note: If not used within 48 hours, a device code will expire and you’ll need to reset it to sign in to the Square app. Expired devices will show as Unpaired in your Square Dashboard.

Before you sign in with a device code, make sure you sign out of the Square Restaurants POS app you’re using. Device codes will help maintain settings and any settings changes across your devices. Team members can clock in with their personal passcode and will have permissions based on their permissions group.

Manage Device Codes

Once you've added your first device, you can manage your device codes from your by going to Settings > Device Management > Points of sale > POS Devices. From here, you can edit, reset, or deactivate your device codes.

Edit a device code

To edit your device code:

  1. From your POS Devices page, select your device.
  2. Complete your edits and click Save.

Reset or deactivate a device code

If your device is misplaced or stolen, you can reset or delete your device code. To start:

  1. From your POS Devices page, select your device.
  2. Click Reset Device Code to get a new device code, or Delete to deactivate it.


For basic device code troubleshooting, be sure to update your device’s software and the Square app.