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Create a Personal Event on Your Square Appointments Calendar

Personal Events in Square Appointments are designed to give you flexibility to block off a period of time to show unavailability, to create a personal event, or to create a recurring scheduled event.  When your customers view your online booking page, they will not be able to see your personal events. They’re just for you to see! Customers will only see available booking times.

Create a Personal Event From the Appointments App

To block off time for a personal event from the Appointments app:

  1. From the calendar view, tap + > Create Personal Event.
  2. Add an event title (e.g., busy, meeting, available). Block Time should automatically be enabled. If it’s not, simple toggle on to remove online booking availability.
  3. Enter the date, time, and duration.
  4. Tap Save.

Create a Personal Event Online

To block time on your calendar from the Appointments dashboard:

  1. Head to your Calendar in your Appointments dashboard
  2. Click anywhere on your daily calendar or click and drag your cursor to select a block of time.
  3. Click Personal Event at the top of the screen. 
  4. Add an event title (e.g., busy, meeting, available).
  5. To remove booking availability during this time block, ensure Block Time is toggled on.
  6. If you’re blocking time for one of your staff, click the caret symbol next to your name to expand your staff list.
  7. Customize this calendar event further by adding additional notes, specify the exact dates and times, and make it an all day or a repeating event.
  8. Click Save

Note: If the event was originally created in a synced personal calendar, all edits and updates must be added in the original calendar.

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