Troubleshoot Your Domain to See Your Square Online Site

If you don’t see your Square Online site online for any reason, there are several troubleshooting measures you can take related to your domain.

Make Sure Your Site is Published

Publish your site from the Square Online site editor by selecting the Publish button. Learn more about how to Navigate the Square Online site editor and how to publish your website.

Check for Typos

Be sure there are no typos in the domain you associated with your site, or in the address your entered in the browser to search for your site.

Start Fresh

Reload your browser and clear your cache. This is in case an unpublished version of your site is cached in the browser you're using. A quick online search should show you how to clear the cache in your browser if you're not sure how to.

Check Your Browsers, Devices and Networks

Try searching for your site using a few different web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.), devices (e.g. your computer vs your mobile phone), and Internet networks (e.g. your home Wi-Fi vs your mobile data) to pinpoint if any of these are part of the issue.

Maintain Your Domain Billing

Make sure your billing information is up to date for the domain service and that it isn't expired. Learn more about how to Manage Square Online services and subscriptions.

If your domain has been expired for over a month, then the domain is likely in Redemption Grace Period (RGP) in its lifecycle and you'll need to contact our support team for assistance to gain control of it again. Learn more about the domain lifecycle and RGP on the ICANN website.

Check Your Domain Connection

If your domain or website are hosted by a third party, be sure that the domain is connected to your website correctly. Learn how to connect your domain to Square Online if we host your site but the domain is hosted by a third party.

Check for AAAA Records in the DNS

If your third-party domain's DNS records include a AAAA record, our service will not recognise it and the domain will not populate your website when it's searched in a browser. To fix this, remove the AAAA record from your domain's DNS and allow the changes to propagate (usually within 24–48 hours).

Wait for DNS Propagation

If you just purchased or transferred a domain, note that there is a 24–48 hour propagation period that must take place before your website is live at the domain name. You must wait until the DNS propagation period is complete for the website to appear when the domain name is searched in a web browser. Learn more about transferring your domain to Square.

To help make our troubleshooting process more efficient, take these important troubleshooting steps before you contact Square Support.

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