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Manage your Square Online Subscriptions

If you have paid for a website upgrade or service within the Square Online platform, you can manage billing and renewal settings from the Account settings area of your Square Online Overview page.

View Your Services

From your Square Online Overview page, use the menu in the upper right and select the Account settings link.

The Account settings page contains billing information for any Square Online upgrades you have purchased. There are several links on this page where you can view and manage your subscriptions and payment methods.

Manage Payment Methods

In Account settings , go to Payment Methods to view your saved payment information for Square Online.

You can add a payment method by clicking on My Services and then choosing a service to add a payment method to. If you don’t have any services yet, but want to add a card, purchase a Square Online service first. You’ll add a payment method during the purchase process. You can find an Upgrade link in the Square Online site editor and in the Square Online Overview page.

To remove a payment method, go to Payment Methods in Account settings and click on the delete icon to the right of the payment method. Be sure to confirm that you understand that removing a card could cause service interruptions.

If you just want to change which card is associated with a service, you can do that by using the Change link next to the payment method for that service in My Services.

Manage Subscriptions

All subscriptions and services can be managed from My Services in Account settings. All subscriptions are set to auto-renew by default, meaning that the service will extend automatically at the end of the billing cycle and charge the payment method on file.

You can disable this by using the Manage link for that service. If you don’t have a payment method associated with a subscription, that subscription will not automatically renew.

If you want to turn auto-renew back on so your service doesn’t inadvertently expire, you can do that with the Activate link.

To renew or add time to any of your services, use the Extend link next to the expiry date.

Pause Subscriptions

You can temporarily pause subscriptions for up to three months via the Manage link. Pausing a subscription temporarily removes the paid features from your site at the end of the current billing period. Your subscription will automatically resume after the pause has ended.

Important details about pausing subscriptions

  • Pausing is only available for site upgrades and email marketing plans. You may not pause a custom domain registration or Google Workspace service.
  • If your subscription includes discounted transaction fees through Square, you will pay the standard transaction fee while your subscription is paused.
  • If you are using a custom domain name, your domain will stay connected to your site, and your site will remain published during the pause period.
  • If you’ve connected Paypal as a payment processor to your online store, this will be removed as a payment option for your buyers.
  • Real-time Shipping will stop functioning when you pause your subscription. Add manual shipping rates to ensure buyers are charged appropriately for shipping when they purchase from your online store.
  • Though you will lose access to paid features during a pause, your settings and other information are saved, and will be restored once the pause has ended.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time, even while it is paused.

View Order History

The Order History tab of your Square Online Account settings provides an overview of all previous transactions within your Square Online account, including any refunds you’ve received.

You can print a receipt for any of these by clicking the printer icon to the right of each line item. This is the same receipt that you receive via email after a service is purchased or renewed, so you always have a backup.