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Embed Video from YouTube

Adding a YouTube video to your pages is quick and easy – no code required! First, choose or create the page you want to add video to, then click the Add section button on the left.


Select the video section then click Add on the upper right to add the section to your page.


If you haven’t already done so, get the link to your video from YouTube. Click the share button to the lower right of the video, and copy the link provided there.


In the editor, click Video on the left to open the settings, then paste the link you got from YouTube into the Link field. Your video should automatically replace the placeholder on the right. Use the tick boxes to enable or disable the various playback and display options. You can also set a custom start time by entering the timestamp into the ‘Start video at’ field.

The other settings in the video section will allow you to hide or show the title and description text and adjust the size, colour and formatting. Click on any of the placeholder text to select and replace it with your own.