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Comp and Void FAQs

What is a Comp?

If the change causes a loss to the business, a Comp is used (i.e. the customer received the wrong order). Comps can also be used for goodwill discounting of an item or order.

What is a Void?

If there is a change to an order, Void is used when inventory and costs will remain unaffected (i.e. the kitchen has yet to make the order).

How do comps and voids appear on my customer’s bill?

Voids do not display on customer bills or receipts. Comped items will appear on the customer bill and will not display further item details.

How do Comp and Void show up in my reporting?

Comp and Void reports will be displayed in your online Square Dashboard. Once Comp and Void is enabled for your employees, you will see new Discounts and Comps and Voids tabs in the Sales Summary section of your online Square Dashboard.