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Get Started with Customer Engagement

Customer engagement tools are available to all Square merchants for free. We also offer a set of advanced tools at a monthly rate with Square Marketing and Square Loyalty.

Customer Management Features

All Square merchants have access to the following tools:

Tool Description
Feedback Private message your customers when they leave feedback or send your customers in-message vouchers.
Customer Directory Create, import and manage customer profiles. Save payment cards on file, view Loyalty and Square Marketing activity, view and respond to feedback from customers and create groups to keep your customer profiles organised. You can also apply filters to view detailed customer information such as items purchased, payment amounts, locations visited and other information over a specific time frame.
Customer Signups Grow your marketing audience with tools that let customers sign up and subscribe to your mailing list.
Customer Insights Statistics on customer satisfaction, new vs returning customers and customer visit frequency.
Premium Profiles Customer profiles that include a full activity list with transaction history, average purchase size, details and statistics. When this feature is enabled, you are responsible for complying with applicable privacy laws, including maintaining a customer-facing privacy notice regarding the collection and use of your customers’ data. You may elect to turn this feature on or off at any time. When processing customer data, please make sure that you follow all applicable privacy laws.

Square Marketing Features

A Square Marketing subscription starts at €15 a month. With Square Marketing, you can engage with your customers through email.

  • Email Marketing: Send unlimited marketing emails with customisable templates.

  • Automated Email Campaigns: After a one-time setup, automatically send your customers a welcome email, a voucher on their birthday or reminders to come back.

  • Smart Groups: Target your customers so the right people get the right message to maximise your sales. Use the Email Subscribers smart groups and filter your Marketing Subscribers through your Customer Directory.

  • View your results and sales: See in-depth reporting for every single campaign.

  • Celebrate Birthdays: Collect customer birthdays, and send automatic coupons to delight them on their special day.

Customers in your directory will be considered subscribed if they have a public email address that has not bounced or been manually unsubscribed. A public email address is one collected via a Square online form or opt-in nor one imported into your directory with the status of subscribed.

When a customer’s email address is unsubscribed or bounces, the email address will remain in your directory, but it will no longer be included in your Marketing filters and smart groups.

Learn more about Square Marketing pricing.

Note: Square Marketing subscription pricing is based on the number of subscribed contacts stored in your Customer Directory.

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