Accept Cash, Checks, and Other Tender

The Square app helps you track card, cash, and other types of payments. There’s no fee to record these payment types as Square doesn’t process any funds and functions only as an organizational tool.

If your device is ever without internet or data connection, not to worry! You can still record transactions with the app and they’ll be stored locally on your device until you regain connectivity. Once your device is back online, your payments will automatically sync to your Square account. 

Record Transactions on a Tablet

  1. Enter the payment amount or select a item from your library to add to the current sale.
  2. Tap Charge.
  3. Select a Fast Cash amount or tap Custom to enter a different amount > Tender. If you’re using an iPad connected to a cash drawer, your cash drawer will automatically open when you tap Tender.
  4. To record a card payment, tap Record Card Payment and enter the amount you charged with your payment card terminal. 

    Note: Any amount charged over the amount due will be recorded as tip. 

  5. You can also tap Other Payment Method and then select the appropriate form of payment and add an optional note.
  6. If you’d like to accept multiple forms of tender, use Split Tender.
  7. Have your customer enter their email address to receive an emailed receipt. If your iPad is connected to a receipt or kitchen printer, you also can print a receipt and kitchen ticket.
  8. You’ll see a final screen that reads All Done after the payment completes.

Record Transactions on Smartphones

  1. Enter a custom sale amount or add items from your library to the current sale.
  2. Tap Charge.
  3. Select the appropriate form of payment: Cash or Other. If you select cash, you’ll be prompted to enter the amount.
  4. Tap Record Payment. The next screen will calculate any change due.