View and export inventory variance report with Square for Retail

Who is this article for?
This article is for business owners and their team members who want to review and identify discrepancies between expected stock levels and their actual inventory from their online Square Dashboard and using the Square Retail POS app. This is a feature available with Square for Retail Plus. Learn more about Square Staff and custom permissions.

About inventory variance reports

With Square for Retail Plus, you can see, compare, export and adjust your inventory to maintain accurate stock levels by viewing your Inventory Variance Report or reviewing historically completed counts via the Square for Retail app or the Square Dashboard.

Before you begin

Your staff needs to be assigned the necessary permissions to view and export inventory variance reports. Learn how to set inventory permissions with Square for Retail.

Inventory Counting requires app version 6.7 or higher. Check that your Square Point of Sale app is up to date. You can upgrade to the latest version of the Retail POS app via your App Store.

You will not be able to access full counts while you have an ongoing cycle count in progress. Discard or commit any ongoing cycle counts before continuing. The full counting feature is hidden until cycle counts have been committed to preserving any data you have tallied towards an active count.

Export Inventory Variance Report

  • Items CSV will export the item counts and variance data.

  • Count summary CSV will export a summary of the count details including the counters, reviewers, and when it was started and submitted.

Export data from a cycle count

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, click Items > Inventory management > Stock counts.
  2. Click a cycle count that has a Completed status.
  3. Click Export, and choose a report to export.

Export data from a full count

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, click Items > Inventory management > Stock counts.
  2. Click into a full count that has an In Progress or Completed status.
  3. Click Export in the top right of your Dashboard, and choose a report to export.

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