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Square Subscriptions FAQ

With Square Subscriptions, keep track of your subscription plans and subscribers from anywhere you’re selling subscriptions (e.g. Square Online, Square for Restaurants, Square for Retail, Square Appointments), create and manage plans, and add new customers to subscriptions all in one place.

Learn more about getting started with Subscriptions in Dashboard for information on creating a subscription.

Get Started

What can I do with Square Subscriptions?

With Square Subscriptions, you can make any item in your Square Item Library subscribable, with benefits such as:

  • Item tracking for fulfilled subscriptions
  • Paid shipping support
  • Improved sales reporting
  • Fulfilment management, including all subscription orders appearing in Square Order Manager
  • Adding validated shipping addresses to your subscription orders
  • Item-level Square sales tax settings that’ll automatically apply to all subscription orders
  • Discounts for “Subscribe and save” plans
  • Ability to include item images, descriptions, variations and modifiers

Note: Current subscription capabilities are only available on Square Online and Square Item Library. In the future, they’ll be available in other sales channels such as Square Point of Sale and Square Online Checkout links.

Can I sell Subscriptions through my Square Point of Sale?

We don’t currently have the ability to sell subscription plans associated with items through your Point of Sale. We plan to launch that capability in the future.

If you already have existing subscription plans not connected to your Item Library, you can still sell those existing plans through your Point of Sale. These plans will have a “legacy” tag next to them.

Can I sell Subscriptions through my Square Online website?

Note: Make site items subscribable by upgrading your Square Online site.

Yes, you can sell Subscriptions online through your Square Online site. Be sure to set up a subscription plan first, then navigate to Square Online in Dashboard to link a subscription plan to your item. Learn more about setting up item subscriptions in Square Online for more information.

How much does Square Subscriptions cost?

There are no monthly fees or fixed costs for Square Subscriptions – just 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction on each subscription (and just 2.6% + 30¢ per transaction if on the Square Online Premium plan). Subscriptions is free to use on Dashboard, Square Online Checkout links and Point of Sale.

Note: Accessing Subscriptions through Square Online will require a paid plan on your website.

Manage Subscriptions

What does the “legacy” tag on subscription plans mean?

As of the latest update, we’ve launched subscriptions that are connected to items in your Square Item Library, which means all new subscription plans will need to be associated with an item.

You can still add new subscribers to existing subscription plans that aren’t connected to items. To identify these older plans, you’ll see a “legacy” tag attached to them. This tag appears on your subscription plans list in Dashboard, as well as in the subscription details for subscribers.

Can I track stock fulfilled through my subscription plans?

Yes, you can make any item in your Square Item Library subscribable, and item stock will stay up to date as you fulfill subscription orders. For example, if you sell coffee, you can create a monthly subscription plan for your bags of coffee. When you fulfill each order, stock will decrease to reflect each subscription sale.

How do my existing subscription plans work that aren’t attached to items in my Square Item Library?

If you have existing subscription plans that aren’t connected to your Square Item Library, you can still add new subscribers to those existing plans. However, you won’t be able to create any new subscription plans that aren’t connected to your Item Library.

Prior to launching subscriptions based on items, any subscription plan created through Square Subscriptions wasn’t linked to your Square Item Library. This made it challenging to manage stock on subscription sales, apply taxes and discounts, and display product images, descriptions, variations and modifiers.

Where do my subscription orders appear when it’s time to fulfill them?

All subscription-based orders will appear in your Square Order Manager with all other orders.

How will I know that I’ve received a new subscription?

You’ll receive an email stating an invoice has been paid for your subscription plan.

The subscriber will also receive an email informing them they’re now subscribed to your plan. Their email contains a Manage link that enables them to update their payment information, pause or resume the subscription (if you’ve enabled that option) and cancel their subscription.


Can buyers pause and resume subscriptions?

Yes. If you enable this option when creating a plan, then both you and your subscribers have the ability to pause a subscription and resume it later. By not enabling this option, only you can pause and resume a subscription.

Can an item be swapped on an active subscription?

Subscriptions doesn’t currently support item swapping on existing subscriptions.

Can I set commitment periods for my subscriptions?

We don’t currently support the creation of subscription plans with minimum commitment periods (e.g. customers must be subscribed for at least 6 months before they can cancel). Subscribers will have the option to cancel a subscription at any time through the Manage link at the bottom of their subscription emails.

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