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Display Featured Items and Categories on Your Square Online Site

In the site editor for Square Online, you can add sections to your webpages that feature certain items or categories from your online store. Use one to bring attention to new or restocked merchandise, or any items you want to draw attention to.

Add a Featured or Categories Items Section

From your Square Online site editor, open the page you want to add featured items to. Select +Add°> Section and choose from any of the following options:

Featured items sections

  • Featured items: Best for highlighting retail items such as clothing or jewellery (but can be used for any item types you sell). Learn more about selling physical items online.
  • Featured categories: Best for highlighting your site categories. Learn more about adding categories to Square Online in the site editor.
  • Donation: Best for highlighting donations for any cause. Learn more about accepting donations online.
  • Events: Best for highlighting events, classes or gatherings of any kind. Learn more about selling non-physical items like event tickets online.
  • Membership: Best for highlighting your membership packages. Learn more about selling non-physical items like memberships online.
  • Featured menu items: Best for highlighting your food and beverage items. Learn more about selling food and beverage items online.
  • Services list: Best for Square Appointments sellers that want to feature a list of their services anywhere on their site. You can also include an Appointments booking page with service, staff and location information. Learn more about adding an online booking page to Square Online.

Display Items on Your Section

Note: Recommend additional items to customers by upgrading your Square Online subscription.


Once you choose an option, select Choose items in the editing panel to start adding items to your section. You can search and filter existing items from your site item catalog, or add a new item and category to Square directly from the editor. Check the box next to each item you want to include, then select Save to see the selected items appear on your webpage.

If you’re using the standard Featured items section (i.e. not the ones for donations, menu items, etc.), you can display your items using any of the following options:

  • Custom selection: The section will display any items of your choosing.

  • Most popular: The section will display up to 10 of your most popular items automatically.

  • Recently viewed: The section will display your customers’ recently viewed items automatically.

  • Recently ordered: The section will display your customers’ recently ordered items automatically.

  • Recommended: The section will display recommended items to your customers based on their previous orders (upgrade required).

Display Categories on Your Section

You can also choose a few categories to feature prominently in your online store. To customize your featured categories, manage your section using the following options:

  • Choose how your category images will display

  • Choose the number of columns category images are displayed in

  • Choose the column spacing

  • Toggle on Make items full-width to highlight an item that represents the featured category or a new arrival

Customize Your Section

Depending on which layout you’re using, you'll see various customization options. Select any item from the list in the editing panel to see its location on the section and make changes. You can also toggle off some of the options such as the section title, or add and remove items. If you’re displaying a custom selection of items, you can rearrange them within the section by selecting and dragging an item up or down in the editing panel.

Note: Masonry style layouts require six items. If you have fewer than six items, select one of the other layouts instead.

Review all of your options in the editing panel to see what you can customize for the specific section type you’ve chosen. Learn more about designing and customizing your Square Online site.

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