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Manage Your Customer Directory from the Square App

Add customer profiles to your directory right from the Square app.

Square’s Customer Directory is a contact management tool where you can store customer information, view how they interact with your business and engage with them – all in one place. Customer profiles can be added, viewed and edited right from the Square Point of Sale app.

Turn On Customer Management from the Square App

Customer Management is enabled by default, but you can update this at any time from the app. To adjust your settings:

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap More.

  2. Tap Settings > Checkout.

  3. Tap Customer Management to toggle the feature on or off.

Once this feature is enabled, you’ll see a drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner in landscape view or after tapping Current Sale in portrait view. 

Add Customers and Payments to Your Directory from the Square App

You can add new customers to your directory and link existing customers to a sale directly from the Square app. 

Add a New Customer to your Directory

New customers can be added to your directory right from the app at any time, including during a sale.

  1. Tap the dropdown arrow in the upper right > Add Customer.

  2. Tap Create New Customer and enter their information.  If you’re using Square Register, the customer can also enter their information on the customer display.

  3. Tap Save

You’ll see your new customer contact appear at the top of the current sale. Once the payment has completed, it’ll be tied to their customer profile.  

You can view a list of all your customer profiles from your online Customer Directory, or from the Customers section of the app.

To add a new customer outside a sale:

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap More.

  2. Tap Customers > ‘•••’.

  3. Tap Create New Customer > enter your customer’s details > tap Save.

Add an Existing Customer to a Sale

To track your customer’s purchase history, select an existing customer from your directory and link them to a sale. When you add an existing customer to your sale, you can also see details of their last visits, their preferences, frequently purchased items and any notes to personalize the experience.

  1. Tap Add a customer from the Current Sale section of your Checkout screen. Note: If you’re using a mobile device, tap Review Sale to access the Current Sale section.

  2. Start typing your customer’s name in the search bar and tap their name when it appears.

  3. Complete the transaction by processing your customer’s payment.

Add a New Customer to Your Directory After a Sale

If you’ve completed a sale and haven’t yet tapped New Sale, you can still add your customer’s contact information. To do so:

  1. From the receipts screen, tap Add Customer.

  2. Enter your customer’s information > tap Save.

If you need to edit the customer added to the sale:

  1. From the receipts screen, tap View Customer.

  2. Make your changes or tap Confirm Remove Customer from Sale > Save.

Note: Removing a customer from a sale won’t delete them from your directory, but it will prevent them from being linked to that transaction. To remove a customer from your directory, visit your online Square Dashboard or the Customers section of the app on an Android tablet.

Upload File Attachments

Add file attachments to your customers’ profiles in the iOS app to keep records, contracts, documents or photos.

To upload a file:

  1. Select a customer from your directory.

  2. Scroll through their profile to the Files section and tap the Add File button.

  3. Choose to either take a photo or select an image from your device photo gallery. Note: Only upload files you have the rights to use. Files cannot be larger than 20MB. Supported file types: .pdf .gif .jpg .jpeg .png.

  4. Upload File.

Once uploaded, click the three-dotted actions menu to the right of the file to Download, Rename, Preview or Delete.

A customer profile can contain up to 100 files. Merging two customer profiles also merges any files attached to them.

Learn how to upload files to customer profiles from your online Square Dashboard.

Note: Square Terminal and Register do not support or read file attachments.

Manage Your Customer Directory from the Square App 

You can view and manage your customer contacts without having to go to your online dashboard. To do so, open the app: 

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to navigate to the menu, or tap More on the bottom right of Square Register

  2. Tap Customers.

  3. Tap an existing customer to edit their contact information or delete them from your directory. Tap Create Customer to add a new contact. Tap Create Group to customize how you organize your contacts.

Note: Square stores data in the US and other countries. You may be required to notify your customers of this fact and obtain their consent before storing their information.

Manage Team Access to Customer Information in the Square App

With Team Management, you can control which team members have access to customer information in the app and your Square Dashboard. Set up team members and their permissions in your online Square dashboard.

Team members who have the View, Edit, Create and Delete Directory Data permission enabled will be able to create, edit and view customer profiles without entering their passcode. Team members without the permission will be presented with a passcode entry screen so that someone with permission can enter their passcode to grant temporary access.

Learn more about: Customer Directory

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