How to Use Customer Insights

The Customer Insights page displays various customer behaviors, including sales and visits by new vs. returning customers and customer visit frequency. These charts display activity over the time period indicated.

Note: All insights are based on card transactions only. Cash transactions are not included at this time.

Total Visits & Sales Graphs

The Total Visits and Sales graphs display the breakdown of visits and sales by new vs. returning customers over the last 30 days.

Returning customers represent patrons who’ve visited before and paid with the same payment card. New customers are those who use a payment card that hasn’t been accepted before by your business.  

Total Customer Frequency Graph

The Customer Visit Frequency graph displays the frequency of your customer visits over the indicated time period. For example, 1 time visitors are those who’ve been seen 1 time only at your business. 2 time visitors are those who’ve been seen 2 times only; and so on. Use this chart to better understand your distribution of customers by visit count, which is a good indicator of overall customer loyalty.