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How to Use Customer Insights

Customer Insights can help you better understand your customers’ behaviour through their payments. By having reporting and analytics software, you can uncover these insights to continue doing what’s working and to inform future business decisions. Visit your online Square Dashboard to get started.

Note: All insights are based on credit and debit card transactions only. Cash transactions aren’t included at this time.

Customer Insights is part of our full suite of Customer Engagement features.

New vs. Returning Customer Performance Graph

The New vs. Returning Customer Performance shows your Total Visits and sales breakdown by new vs. returning customers over the specified time period. Customers are currently identified by the payment card they use. 

  • Returning Customers: Patrons who’ve made a purchase at your business before and have paid with the same payment card. 

  • New Customers: Patrons who use a payment card that hasn’t previously been accepted at your business.

Customer Visit Frequency Graph

The Customer Visit Frequency graph displays the frequency of your customer visits over a specific time period. Use this chart to better understand your distribution of customers by visit count, which is a good indicator of overall customer loyalty and retention.  

Example: 1-time visitors are those who’ve only made one purchase at your business; 2-time visitors are those who’ve only made two purchases (with the same payment card) at your business; and so on.

Customer Insights Definitions

The homepage of your online Square Dashboard provides a snapshot of your business data. Learn more about the terms you’ll find on this page.

Term Definition
Your Customers The number of customers that have purchased from you within a given period of time. Customers are identified based on their payment card. Purchases from Cash and Other Tender are excluded entirely.
Returning Customers Returning Customers are any buyers in a given period that have purchased from you anytime before. A customer is classified as Returning based on their payment card; purchases from Cash or Other Tender are excluded entirely.
New Customers New Customers are any buyers within a given period of time – as far as Square can tell through previous card payments – that have never purchased with you before. Purchases from Cash and Other Tender are excluded entirely.
Customer Spending On average, your Total Collected per Customer Visit. Total Collected includes Tax and Tip. No sale transactions are not included in this calculation.
Customer Visits On average, your Visits per Customer in a given period.
Customer Frequency Customer Frequency is a view of how often your customers visit in the last 30 days, and how much they spend per month. Improving the number of monthly visits over time is an indicator of loyalty and ultimately customer value. These values are based on customers that pay with their payment card.
Customer Recency Customer Recency is the amount of time that has passed since a customer’s last purchase with their payment card. It shows the opportunity to bring now-disengaged customers back into your store.

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