Send Digital Receipts

With every successful payment, you can provide a digital receipt – text message or email – or a printed receipt for your customers. Get started by customizing your receipts, and if you’re a business, review the tax ID disclosure requirements for digital receipts.

Each receipt will reflect an itemized breakdown of whole number and decimal quantities, discounts and applicable taxes.

Enable Digital Receipts

The option to send digital receipts is automatically enabled in your Square Point of Sale app, but you can always turn them off or back on:

  1. From the Square app, visit More >Settings > Checkout > Signature and Receipt.

  2. Toggle on Skip Receipt either on or off depending on your preference.

Send Digital Receipts

  1. Authorize the payment by processing your customer’s card or recording another form of tender on the payment screen.

  2. Have your customer enter their phone number or email address on the receipt screen.

  3. Tap Send.

If a customer doesn’t receive a text message receipt, one or more of the following may have occurred:

  • The customer doesn’t have a valid text messaging plan.

  • The customer’s phone network provider has blocked the text.

  • The customer has a restricted phone number.

In these cases, you can always resend the receipt to a valid email address.

Resend Digital Receipts

You can resend a receipt to a different email address or phone number at any time from your online Square Dashboard or from the Square Point of Sale App. 

From the Square App

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap Transactions.

  2. Locate and tap the payment > New Receipt.

From Your Online Square Dashboard

  1. Visit Transactions.

  2. Use the date-selector tool to locate a specific payment.

  3. Click on the payment > Actions > Send Receipt.

Set Receipts Language

You can set receipts language from your online Square Dashboard. To do so:

  1. Go to Account & Settings.

  2. From the Business section, click Locations.

  3. Select a location.

  4. Scroll down to Preferred Language options for receipts.

  5. Set preferred language > click Save.

Receipt Best Practices 

  • Make sure not to send your customers’ receipts to yourself. You’ll receive a payment confirmation after every successful transaction, and you can view payment details from your online Square Dashboard.

  • Your logo will appear on printed receipts and auth slips. Learn about other customization options for printed receipts.

  • To edit a receipt destination at the time of sale, have your customer tap the phone number or email address on the receipt screen and input their new destination. 

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