Provide Feedback on Your Purchases

Communicate with merchants about your visits directly from your email or SMS receipt. Your feedback helps merchants improve customer experiences.

Leave Feedback for a Square Merchant

From your receipt, select the option that best reflects your experience – satisfied (smiley face) or dissatisfied (frowny face). You can also leave a comment and chose to receive responses from the merchant. If your receipt was sent via SMS and you allow responses to your feedback, you’ll be prompted to add an email address to receive replies. 

To disable replies from the merchant, untick “Allow responses to your feedback”. If you allow replies, Square forwards your feedback to the merchant but does not reveal your email address.

If the merchant replies to your feedback, you’ll receive an email from Square. By clicking Respond, you can continue to discuss your experience with the merchant.

Your Security and Privacy

Square does not share your email address with the merchant. When you provide feedback, you can allow the merchant to respond directly to your feedback through emails from Square.

Note: To change your receipt preferences for a merchant, click the “Manage preferences” link found at the bottom of your receipt.

Report a Problem with a Merchant

The purpose of Square Feedback is to give merchants and customers the opportunity to exchange feedback and replies on customer experiences. If you receive abusive, harassing, excessive or objectionable messages, please contact us for assistance.

You may not use Square Feedback to dispute a charge, request a refund or send messages unrelated to your visit.

If you would like to dispute a charge, please file a dispute with your card issuing bank and let us know.

Learn more about: Point of Sale

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