Clayspace Studios, Margate

clayspace studios margate

When is a plate far more than just a plate? When it’s one that has been lovingly crafted in Clayspace Studios. A pottery studio with a difference, this not-for-profit social enterprise is run by Ian and Bridget and aims to give back to their local area through the creativity and sense of community that can arise from something as simple as making a handmade mug.

Located in the coastal town of Margate, an area that is becoming increasingly popular with small businesses of all types. The studio is a venue for learning and creativity, where customers of all levels can come and try their hand at making something truly unique. Their sessions cater to everyone from the highly skilled pottery enthusiast to the first-time potter and accommodate every sort of customer from kids to adults and specialist classes for those with learning difficulties and mental health issues.

Designed to be a safe space where everyone can simply spend a few hours enjoying the naturally therapeutic experience of crafting with clay, the studio offers drop-in sessions, induction classes, private one-to-one sessions and its own passport that covers a term of classes. Square helps customers quickly and easily pay their way so they can get stuck into their next creative project as soon as possible.

clayspace studios margate

For Bridget and Ian, the space was about more than just giving people the chance to enjoy exploring their creativity; it was also vital that they were as green as possible. The studio is completely zero waste, and the tools used daily are washed of residual clay, which is then gathered up and reused.

Clayspace is the perfect example of a small business that balances business vision, creative inspiration and a moral drive to do best for their customers and the planet.

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