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Starting and running a new business is always a challenge. There are all sorts of important questions you need to answer. Do you side-hustle or commit to being a full-time entrepreneur?

How do you actually go about legally starting a small business? How do you write an effective business plan? (What even is a business plan?) There are many more questions you need to answer. The good news is that help is available.

Our business launchpad is a complete business guide for new entrepreneurs. In fact, it may even help entrepreneurs with some experience.

Whatever questions you have about setting up a small business, our business guide explains the key points in simple terms. You’ll also find other useful resources. There’s even guidance on growing your small business into a larger one.

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Square is a whole lot more than just a fast, simple and affordable way to take payments. With Square, entrepreneurs have access to a whole suite of tools for all kinds of business needs (and wants) such as scheduling software, gift cards, payment hardware, invoicing and much more.

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Square connects all sides of your business with easy-to-use tools designed to give you time to focus on what you do best.

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Square business software offers solutions that are essential for all business types, no matter what shape or size.

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