Organise your team from one place with all the labour management tools you need.

Time Tracking

Keep track of your team’s time.

Time clock (POS and Mobile)

Your team can clock in with a personal passcode at the register through the Square Team App if they’re away from the POS, which can be enforced with geofencing. This way, you can always precisely track hours worked based on their physical presence.


Automatically generate timecards once a team member clocks in. You can add notes or edit timecards at any time.


Create a rota in minutes.

Shift scheduling and publishing

Track your team’s availability, assign upcoming shifts, and ensure everyone on the team knows when and where they are working with notifications in the Square Team app and via email.

Review shifts

View all planned shifts by week to assign a job or a team member. A shift can be viewed weekly or daily to make changes.

Rota duplication

Duplicate shifts from week to week to simplify creating rotas.

Open shift scheduling

Publish open shifts for available team members to claim. Your team can also swap shifts with other team members.

Availability and time-off requests

Team members can add their availability and request time off with the Square Team app. You can see availability and edit the rota according to their needs.


Optimise your business with reporting.

Labour cost reporting

View your team’s hours, wages and tips in one dashboard to gain insight into your labour costs.

Labour-vs-sales reports

See how much you’re selling versus how much you’re paying out in labour costs so you can improve your bottom line.

Team sales reports

Track your team’s performance and keep productivity up with detailed reports on how your team is growing your business.

Labour Costs

Manage labour costs to help your business grow.

Clock-in protection

Prevent early and unscheduled clock-ins and get alerts about unscheduled shifts to manage your overall labour costs.

Break and overtime tracking

Track breaks and overtime to ensure that you don’t exceed your labour-cost limits.

Payroll Prep

Make payday easier.

Payroll syncs and exports

Efficiently export timecards to a third-party payroll provider.

Payroll calculations

Thanks to automatic tip and commission calculations, all wages are included in exports so payroll stays up to date.

Multiple wage types

Support both hourly and salaried workers and track multiple wages for team members who wear more than one hat at your business.


Provide transparent compensation.

Tip pooling

Easily manage tips at your business with tip pooling. Automating your tip pooling process helps your team get paid promptly, reduces costly errors and saves you time.

Cash tip tracking

Let team members claim cash tips that they accrue during their shifts. You can view cash tip tracking data in the Square Dashboard at any time.

Commission tracking

Motivate team members with custom commission rates that reward them for their sales.

Team app

Empower your team.

Team-initiated scheduling

Empower your team to manage their rotas by providing them with time-off requests, shift swapping and open-shift scheduling that can be managed from the Square Team app.

Timecards, rotas, and estimated pay

Let your team see their information remotely with the Square Team app. Team members can view their timecards and scheduled hours, tips and commissions.

Clock in and out

Team members can clock in and out, take breaks, request time off, receive notifications about their shifts and rota changes through the Square Team app. Rotas include the assigned job, location and hours.

Built to grow with your business

Have questions?

Get answers about the features and benefits of Square Shifts for your business.

  • How much does Square Shifts cost?

    Square Shifts offers two tiers, Shifts Free and Shifts Plus. Shifts Free offers basic Shifts features and is free for up to five team members, including account owners. You can get more advanced Shifts features with Shifts Plus. Shifts Plus starts at €3.50 + VAT per team member (including the account owner) per month. Subscribers to Shifts Plus will be charged for a minimum of two team members.

  • What makes Square Shifts great?

    Square Shifts integrates directly with Square Point of Sale. This unified ecosystem fosters harmony in your workplace with easier access and simplified daily tasks. Whether you build a schedule or your team swaps shifts, everyone saves time. Square Shifts is also included in Square for Restaurants and Square for Retail.

  • When can I change my plan?

    Plans are not prorated, so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time and only pay your current subscription through to the end of the month.

  • How can Square Shifts save me money?

    Square Shifts helps you understand how your business is doing by providing real-time attendance, shift and sales reports. You can use these numbers to optimise labour costs and fine-tune staffing for every day of the week.