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Human Resources Management with Mineral and Square

Square partners with HR Manager, powered by Mineral to provide you with a suite of HR software tools. These tools will help you stay informed on the latest HR and compliance laws with a library of resources, including templates for HR documents and policies.

Through HR Manager, you can receive alerts when federal and state laws change, learn more about key HR topics in the HR resource center, and create HR documents and policies from templates.

You will also have access to advanced features, such as personalized support from certified HR professionals and an employee handbook builder.

Features HR tools within Payroll Subscription HR Manager
Law Alerts
Stay up to date on the latest employment laws impacting your business.
✔️ ✔️
HR Resource Center
Enhance your HR knowledge with a robust library of resources on key HR topics.
✔️ ✔️
HR Forms & Documents
Access to a collection of document templates.
✔️ ✔️
HR Tools
Reduce risk and identify gaps in your HR processes.
✔️ ✔️
HR Experts
Advice from certified professionals.
Employee Handbook Builder
Save time with customizable handbook templates.

Subscribe to HR Manager

To subscribe to HR Manager:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Staff > HR Manager.

  2. Click HR Manager to manage your subscription.

  3. Click Try free for 30 days.

  4. Fill out the required card information.

  5. Click Subscribe.

When you first sign up for HR Manager, several of your business details will sync between Square and HR Manager. These details include:

User (Business Owner)

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Phone number


  • Client Name: the Square unique identifier for your business. Note: Do not edit this field.

  • Display Name: your Company name

  • Company size 

  • Industry

  • Locations (address, address 2, city, state, zip, country): location data for all active seller locations will be synchronized with Mineral HR, and each location will be set up on an individual basis.

  • Active employee count per location

Note: We strongly recommend updating the listed fields in your Square Dashboard instead of within your Mineral account, as Square will overwrite any changes made to the listed fields within Mineral HR when updates are made within Square Dashboard. For the non-synchronized fields within your Mineral profiles, you can update as needed.


Square Payroll subscribers will receive complimentary access to several HR features, including law alerts, a library of HR and compliance resources, and HR document templates.

Square Payroll subscribers can upgrade to HR Manager to receive access to HR experts and an employee handbook builder for $35 per month plus $3 per month per team member.

Square Sellers can also subscribe to HR Manager for $35 per month plus $3 per month per team member.

Access HR Manager

To use HR Manager and access their resources:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Staff > HR Manager > Go to Mineral.

Note: Square account owners can give team members access to HR Manager through the HR Manager permission group. Additionally, any team member provided with full access will be able to use HR Manager, and any team member provided with the subscriptions permission will be able to manage the HR Manager subscription.

Get Support for HR Manager

To contact the Mineral team:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Staff > HR Manager > Go to Mineral > Get Help

Manage Your HR Manager Subscription

To access and update your subscription:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Settings > Account & Settings.

  2. Click Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions.

  3. Click HR Manager.

From Pricing and Subscriptions, you can view your subscription pricing, previous bills, and all of your monthly statements. You can also update your payment method and cancel or pause your subscription at any time.


Can Mineral help me terminate employees?

No. At this time, Mineral is unable to provide personalized support in the termination of employees. However, through Mineral HR, Mineral can help you stay up to date with federal and state laws, provide access to a HR resource center about common HR topics such as termination, and termination documents like severance agreements or layoff notices.

Can Mineral help me hire and onboard new employees?

Yes. With the HR resource center available through Mineral HR, you can access information about hiring and onboarding, new hire checklists, offer letters, and a salary comparison tool.

Is Mineral integrated with my Square Payroll account?

For Square Payroll subscribers with employees, a limited set of HR features are available through your subscription and integrated into your Square Payroll dashboard. These features are only accessible after you have sent a run on Payroll. For access to advanced features, Square Payroll sellers will need to upgrade to HR Manager, Powered by Mineral.

Note: Square Payroll subscribers with only contractors do not have access to these HR features.