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Live Sales Reporting with Square for Restaurants FAQ

Managers of full-service restaurants can view how their business is performing in real-time through their online Square Dashboard or their point of sale.

What is a Live Sales report?

A Live Sales report shows the overall performance of a shift, in real time. Live Sales include closed checks (with and without a finalized tip amount), as well as open checks.

How much does it cost?

This feature is available to all restaurant sellers subscribed to Square for Restaurants Plus or Premium plans.

Where can I find the Live Sales report?

From your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Click Reports > Sales summary.
  2. Click the Check drop-down filter.
  3. Filter by Open Checks, Closed Checks, or All Checks for the specified period of time.

From the Square for Restaurants POS app, tap on Account. From the list of reports, select View Live Sales.

Note: This filter applies to all relevant data (tables, sales, number of transactions, etc.) and can be seen in the following reports: Sales Summary, Sales Trends, Item Sales, Category Sales, Section Sales, Team Sales, Labor vs. Sales, Discounts, Modifier Sales, Taxes, and Service Charges.

Will open ticket information be available in the Dashboard iOS app?

The Square - Dashboard for POS app for iOS does not include open ticket information at this time.

If I use other Square Point of Sale apps, like Appointments or Retail, will open tickets from there also appear in my Dashboard reports?

No, Dashboard reports will only consider open check information from transactions completing via Square for Restaurants POS app.

What information do I see by default?

When you go to Sales Summary, Sales Trends, Item Sales, Category Sales, Section Sales, Team Sales, Labor vs Sales, Discounts, Modifier Sales, Taxes, or Service Charges reports, you will see Closed Checks by default. If you’d like to view the report for all checks or open checks, you can adjust the filter on the report.

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