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Use Square Online with Other Square Products

With robust features in Square Online, your website can integrate directly or be used with several other Square products. Create a powerful site that takes advantage of Square's suite of tools and services to streamline everything your business needs.

For more information on our site building platform, learn more about getting started with Square Online.

Square Products

Use any of these Square products to enhance your online business presence.

Square Appointments

With Square Online, you can create a professional website to offer a seamless way to receive appointment bookings on your Square Appointments calendar. To create an online booking page using Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, select +Add > Page.
  2. Select Appointments and choose to add the page to your navigation menu.
  3. Customize your new online booking page as needed. Learn more about designing and customizing your Square Online site.
  4. Publish your site to see the changes live.

To make your online booking page your entire website, simply delete all other pages. If you’re already using an online booking page from Square Appointments, you can replace your current page with the new one powered by Square Online. The old URL will forward to your new one automatically.

Learn more about adding an online booking page to Square Online. You can also check out this FAQ for more information on using Square Online as a service-based business, or learn more about getting started with Square Appointments.

Note: Your online booking page can be powered by Square Online, but you may also still be using an older booking page powered by Square’s previous booking software. Additionally, you can embed booking buttons and widgets on a website built outside of Square. For additional information on building your online booking page using Square Online and other tools, check out how to set up online bookings with Square Appointments.

Square Customer Directory

As you collect contacts from your Square Online site, you can export your mailing lists by following these steps:

  1. From your Square Customer Directory page, select Export Customers.
  2. In the popup window, select Specific Groups and check Online Store.
  3. Select Export to save and download your list as a CSV file.

Learn more about getting started with Square Customer Directory.

Square Gift Cards

You can allow customers to purchase Square Gift Cards while browsing your Square Online site. By selecting a Gift Cards link on your navigation menu, customers will be taken to your Square Gift Cards site where they can buy, reload, or check the balance of physical and electronic gift cards. To add a gift cards page to your Square Online site:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Gift Cards or Shared Settings > Gift Cards.
  2. Select Manage to go to your Square Gift Cards Overview page.
  3. Go to eGift Cards > Configure.
  4. Toggle on Sell eGift Cards Online and select Save.
  5. From the Gift Cards page in Square Online, check the box to Add link to gift card purchase page to site navigation.
  6. Publish your site from the Square Online site editor to see the changes live.

Customers can then purchase gift cards through a standalone page at the URL provided by Square. A link to this page will be automatically added to your navigation menu to make it easier for customers to purchase gift cards while browsing your site.

Learn more about selling Gift Cards on your Square Online site.

Square Invoices

If you already use Square Invoices and Square Online, you can add a contact form to your Square Online site so customers can reach you to request custom quotes for the services they’d pay for with your invoices.

To add a contact form for custom quotes to your Square Online site:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, open the page you want to add a contact form to.
  2. Select +Add > Section and choose Forms > Custom quote.
  3. To add more fields to the form, select the form on your site and select +Add a question in the editing panel.
  4. Publish your site to see the changes live.

Note: Data submitted via contact forms isn’t secure. Never request or collect any sensitive personal information with contact forms.

Learn more about contact forms in Square Online.

Square Loyalty

With Square Loyalty, you can create a digital loyalty rewards program that will keep your customers coming back again and again – all with incentives they can earn with each purchase.

For Square Online, points can be earned or redeemed by loyalty program members when they complete transactions on your website. The buyer will need to enter in their phone number, and any rewards they decide to use for their purchase will be automatically applied. The rewards used for the transaction will also appear on their digital receipt.

To set up Square Online with Square Loyalty:

  1. From your Square Loyalty Overview page, select Subscribe to start creating your loyalty program.
  2. Enable the locations being used by Square Online by checking the boxes.
  3. Select Start free trial.

Note: Below are some limitations to consider when using Square Loyalty with your Square Online site:

  • Category based rewards can’t be redeemed on Square Online sites, but item based rewards can.
  • When customers enroll in Loyalty via Square Online, customers won’t receive SMS notifications or receive their Loyalty status until they’ve made a purchase through Square POS.
  • Customers can still redeem their Loyalty rewards even if your business is unsubscribed from Square Loyalty.

Learn more about getting started with Square Loyalty and creating a loyalty program. You can also review the Square Loyalty FAQ.

Square Marketing

It’s easy to create a Square Marketing campaign for your customers with a discount code from Square Online. First, create a coupon for Square Online, then follow these steps:

  1. From your Square Marketing Overview page, select Create Campaign > Email.
  2. Under the One-time campaigns, choose Offer a coupon and select Next to continue.
  3. Select the coupon section of your campaign.
  4. In the editing panel, select Use existing.
  5. Enter the coupon code you created in Square Online. Add a title, description, and call to action, and use the same expiration date info as you entered in Square Online. Note: Coupon details don’t sync between Square Marketing and Square Online. If you need to edit details for your online discount, visit your Square Online Overview page.
  6. Select Select Audience to choose who to send your coupon campaign to.
  7. Review your campaign and select Send Now.

With your campaign sent, customers will receive an email with your Square Online coupon code (which is only redeemable online).

Note: Square Marketing coupons that are redeemed online won’t appear in reporting until the corresponding order is marked complete.

Learn more about getting started with Square Marketing.

Square Point of Sale

You can create and manage your website with Square Online directly from your Square Point of Sale. Whether you’re at your store or on the go, edit and manage your website with the Online Add-on directly from your Point of Sale app or mobile device.

To set up and access Square Online from your Point of Sale:

  1. From your Point of Sale, go to More > Add-ons.
  2. Choose Online and tap Add to Point of Sale.
  3. From your menu, tap Online.
  4. Tap Edit Site to open the site editor or Open site to view your live website.

If you don’t have an existing Square Online account, a website will be automatically generated.

If you already have a website with your connected Square Online account, your site will show automatically. You can update your item settings (like item visibility or fulfillment) directly from the add-on. If you have more than one Square Online site, you can switch between them at any time.

Square Online Checkout

Square Online doesn’t currently have a native subscription feature for accepting recurring payments on your website. With Square Online Checkout, you can create a subscription item for a service or donation, and add it to your Square Online site with a few available methods.

Note: Subscriptions with Square Online Checkout have a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Customers will be automatically billed on the date of their purchase.

To set up subscription payments on your website with Square Online Checkout:

  1. From your Square Online Checkout page, select Create a link.
  2. Choose the type of link you want to create. The Collect a payment option is best for services, and the Accept a donation option is best for collecting recurring donations. These are the only options that allow you to create a subscription.
  3. Enter your link information like a name and description. You can also select Advanced settings for additional options for each link type, and choose a payment frequency for subscriptions (e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.).
  4. Select Create link when finished.
  5. From your Square Online site editor, add the checkout link to your site by either creating a link (copy and save the checkout link URL by selecting Copy link), or embedding a button (copy and save the embed code by selecting Create under “Buy button”).

Learn more about getting started with Square Online Checkout.

Square Risk Manager

With Square Risk Manager, you can gain insights into payment fraud patterns, and set custom rules and alerts to manage risk for your business. If you use Risk Manager with Square Online, you’ll have access to Risk Manager’s full suite of risk management tools at no additional cost.

To view your Risk Manager insights, log in to your online Square Dashboard and select Payments > Risk Manager to go to the Square Risk Manager page. Select Online > Online at any time to go back to your Square Online Overview page.

Learn more about getting started with Square Risk Manager.

Square Team Managment

You can have someone else on your team manage Square Online for you by granting team permissions with Square Team Managment. To start:

  1. From your Square Team Members page, go to Permissions.
  2. Under Team Permissions, select the button to enable or edit permissions.
  3. Select Online and select the toggle to toggle it on.
  4. Select Continue to set up access points.
  5. Select Save when finished.

This grants access to manage the site item catalog, online orders, fulfillment, and other settings associated with Square Online.

Learn more about granting team permissions.

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