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Get Started with Service Charges

Sometimes you need to add additional charges to a purchase for expenses like shipping or delivery. You can create service charges on Square Dashboard and instantly add them to any purchase during checkout from your Point of Sale. 

Service charges can be percentage-based or a fixed amount that won’t change based on the purchase cost. Add a service charge during checkout, and you and your customer will see the charge as a line item on the transaction.

Set Up Service Charges

To create and edit service charges online: 

1. Go to Account & Settings in your Square Dashboard.
2. Click Business > Service charges > Create a service charge.
3. Name your charge, choose if you want a percentage-based charge (%) or a fixed service charge ($), and enter the amount of the charge.
4. Choose the location the charge applies at, and add any taxes that apply.
5. Click Save to add your new service charge.

Apply Service Charges

Once you create a service charge, you can apply it to transactions from your Point of Sale. To get started:

  1. Open your Square Point of Sale or the Invoices app, and select a service charge from your item list on the Checkout screen. You can also choose a service charge from your favorites page if you saved a service charge there.

  2. Toggle on the service charge you want to apply to that sale.

The applied charge will show as a service charge line item on the current sale.



Can I make a service charge non-taxable?

Yes. You can create a non-taxable service charge, and the charge won't be taxed at checkout. Or, you can assign one or more taxes to a charge, and the taxes will be taken out during checkout.

What devices can I use to create and apply a service charge?

You can create service charges on your Square Dashboard from a mobile device or a computer. After you make a service charge, you can apply it to a purchase on the Square Point of Sale app or the Invoices app.

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