Set up donation goals with Square Payment Links

Who is this article for?
  • Sellers and team members with payment link permissions. Set permissions in Square Dashboard.

About accepting donations with Square Payment Links

With Square Payment Links, your business can reach out to your most loyal customers, donors, and patrons for support. You can also maximize your donations using Square Payment Links.

Before your begin

There are no monthly fees for using Square payment links. You pay an online payment processing fee when you collect a donation. Learn how to Understand Square's payment fees.

When you create a donation checkout link for your business, you can add:

  • A donation goal

  • A deadline or timeframe for that goal to drive urgency (for example, 18-days to meet our match)

Create a donation link

  1. Sign in to your Square Dashboard and click Payments > Payment Links.

  2. Click Create a link.

  3. Select Accept a donation.

  4. Enter a name for your link. This will be displayed to the customer.

  5. Add an optional description. The description for each Checkout link has a 400 character limit.

  6. Add an optional image by selecting Add image > Upload an image to select either an image from your files or choose from your existing item library.
    Note: If adding a new image for an item in your library that already has one, the new image will automatically replace the previous image. You can also edit your image by adjusting the zoom.

  7. Click Advanced settings, then toggle ON Set donation goal to showcase to your donors how much you would like to fundraise.

  8. Set a Deadline for this goal.

  9. Click Create link.

  10. Select Copy link, and share the link anywhere.

Any donations made towards your donation goal will automatically be made visible to your donors on your payment link. Once your donors donate to your organization, they’ll be able to share their link via Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) so you can maximize your donations. If you have existing donation links already set up, you can add donation goals and time frames to existing links.

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