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Manage DoorDash Orders with Square

Managing orders placed in DoorDash is made simple with Order Manager. Follow the steps below to set up a DoorDash integration in Order Manager for when an order is placed on your DoorDash store.

Request to Receive DoorDash Orders

  1. Log into the DoorDash Merchant Portal

  2. On the left menu, click Help.

  3. Select Account Support and below that, choose Change Order Protocol.

  4. Select if you would like to integrate One Location or Multiple Locations.

  5. Select Point of Sale as the Order Protocol to transition to.

  6. Confirm the Store Name and Address, then fill out the rest of the POS integration information.

    1. If you are using a middleware service to get your POS orders such as Deliverect, Checkmate, Chowly, or Olo please select them as your Point of Sale Provider.

    2. Unique IDs are typically shared with you by the POS provider. If you do not have a Unique ID for your store's integration or you are utilizing Square, please input N/A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Onboard?

Follow the steps outlined above. Each seller needs to be manually onboarded to the integration by the DoorDash team. DoorDash will reach out with next steps after completing the steps above.

How long will onboarding take?

DoorDash has updated their onboarding request flow to ensure all requests are sent directly to their specialized teams. With this updated process, you can provide all the necessary information required to integrate your site, select a day to go live with the integration, and add any special requests (such as a test order on the activation day).

Do I need a POS Integration ID?

The POS Integration ID does not apply to the Square integration with DoorDash. We use OAuth to validate and connect your Square account.