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Manage Doordash Orders with Square

DoorDash is a technology platform that offers online food ordering and food delivery. DoorDash is both app-based and accessible by the web and connects people with the restaurants and stores in their local neighbourhoods. Managing online orders placed via DoorDash is made simple with Square Order Manager. Follow the steps below to set up a DoorDash integration in Order Manager.

Note: Order Manager is available in the Square Point of Sale app on Square Register, Square Terminal or a compatible iPad, iPhone or Android tablet/phone. It is also available with Square for Restaurants and Restaurants KDS.


With the DoorDash and Square integration, you can:

  • Accept and fulfil delivery and pickup orders, sending them directly to the kitchen

  • Boost order accuracy and improve operations

  • Offer pickup and delivery to local customers, without employing a courier fleet of your own

  • Increase brand awareness with DoorDash’s game-changing marketing tools

Integrate with DoorDash

Square Integration Checklist

Make sure you fulfil these requirements before requesting an integration: 

  • Signed up with Square Point of Sale (POS) or Square for Restaurants

  • An existing partnership with DoorDash

  • An existing menu item library built on your Square POS/Dashboard.

Get Started

To integrate DoorDash with your Square Point of Sale:

  1. Go to the DoorDash page via Square App Marketplace.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Follow the prompts on the DoorDash website to submit a request form.

After you submit your request, DoorDash will reach out with next steps within two to six business days, though this can vary depending on the menu or Square’s configuration requirements.

To learn more, visit the DoorDash Help Center which includes a getting started guide, Square integration checklist, menu management, order management and FAQ.

Billing and Pricing

Learn more about all of the DoorDash products and pricing via their website.

Manage your DoorDash Account

Although Square integrates with DoorDash to process pickup and delivery orders, DoorDash’s features, services and billing are managed by them directly.

For help with DoorDash-specific questions:

DoorDash Integration FAQ

How do I onboard with DoorDash and Square?

Follow the steps outlined above. Each seller needs to be manually onboarded to the integration by the DoorDash team. Once you’ve filed the request, DoorDash will reach out to you with the next steps.

How long will onboarding take?

DoorDash has updated its onboarding request flow to ensure all requests are sent directly to their specialized teams. With this updated process, you can provide all the necessary information required to integrate your site, select a day to go live with the integration, and add any special requests (such as a test order on the activation day).

Do I need a POS Integration ID?

The POS Integration ID does not apply to the Square integration with DoorDash. We use OAuth to validate and connect your Square account.

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