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Use a Custom Subdomain with Your Online Store

If you want to start selling online without changing your website or leaving your current web host, using a subdomain might be a good solution. A subdomain is basically what it sounds like: a separate web address created from an existing domain name. So if your website is, you might set up a subdomain like for your online store.

There are two parts to setting up a subdomain:

  1. Getting the IP address for your online store. You’ll need this for the second step, and this guide will walk you through how to get the IP address.
  2. Creating the subdomain in your domain name settings. You’ll log into your domain hosting account to complete this part.


To get the IP address, click Website on the left in your Online Store Dashboard then select General settings from the menu. Click the Customize button in the Site Address section.


On the pop-up screen, choose “Use a domain I own” and click Connect.


Next, type in the full subdomain you want to use and click Verify. Double-check your spelling to make sure there are no typos, then select “Connect my domain” and click Next.


This screen shows basic domain setup information and the IP address that you’ll need for the next step. Copy the IP address and paste it into a text file for easy access, then click the Connect button. That’s it for the first step! You can create the subdomain at your domain host right away, or you can do it later if you don’t have time at the moment. If you forgot to save the IP address, you can just re-do these steps to get it again.

Note: If you registered your domain name through your online store account, you don’t need to do step two. That’s because your domain name is already set up with the correct IP address and a “wild card” A record that allows you to create subdomains easily. Your subdomain should start working shortly after you publish your website.

If you happened to purchase your domain name through a separate Weebly account, here’s how to set up your subdomain:

  1. Log into the Weebly account where you bought the domain name.
  2. Click the name on the upper right corner of the dashboard and select Domain.
  3. Click on the domain name to open the settings.
  4. Click Edit in the DNS Records section.
  5. On the edit screen, click Add Record to add a new row at the bottom.
  6. Choose A Record from the Type menu on the left.
  7. In the Host box, type the subdomain you want to use. Don’t enter the full link here - just the first part (shop, for example).
  8. In the “Points to” box on the right, paste in the IP address you got during step one, then click Save.
  9. Publish your online store website when you’re ready to go live.

If your domain is registered somewhere else, you’ll need to log in to that account and create an A Record that points to the IP address from step one. The process should be similar to the steps outlined above, but each web host has its own set of instructions for creating a subdomain. If you aren’t sure what to do, you can ask the support team at your domain host, or check out these guides from some of the most popular hosts:

Set up a subdomain at GoDaddy

Set up a subdomain at Wordpress

Set up a subdomain at Wix

Set up a subdomain at Squarespace

Note: Changes to domain settings can take up to 24-48 hours to begin working. If your new subdomain isn’t working right away, give it some time and check again. Most changes take effect within a short time.

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