Additional Information Requested by Square Capital

Square Capital uses your business name and taxpayer information to verify your business and process your loan request.

If we were unable to verify your personal/business information or if we require additional information about your business, we will reach out and request additional information through your Square Dashboard.

Numbers are for illustrative purposes only.

How to Upload Documents

You can upload the requested documents on your Square Dashboard. If you are having trouble uploading the documents through your Dashboard, please refer to our Browser Troubleshooting article.

You may also choose to submit your documents via fax.

To submit via fax:

  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Verification button at the top of the page.
  3. Complete any required text fields.
  4. Click on Send via Fax and print out the cover letter.

If you are unable to access the cover letter, please fax your documents to +1-877-805-2214. Please include a cover page with “Attention: Square Capital Team”.

Acceptable Documentation

If we are unable to verify your personal information, acceptable documents include:

Copy of a government-issued ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc.) and one of the following:

  • Social Security Card
  • Full copy of your most recent personal tax returns
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN) Card

If we are unable to verify your business information, acceptable documents include:

If we are requesting additional information about your business registration, you may submit one of the following:

EIN Form Secretary of State Business Registration Seller’s Permit Tax Return
Articles of Incorporation LLC Filing DBA Filing Commercial Driver’s License
Occupational License Official Certification of Trade Industry Standard Documentation Your government-issued ID

Note: A government issued ID will only be accepted if you do not have a registered business.

If we are requesting additional information about a transaction, you may submit one of the following:

Invoice Purchase Order Detailed Receipt
Bill of Sale Signed Credit Card Authorization Form Email Correspondence with the Buyer
  • If you do not have any of the above, please provide a detailed description of the goods and/or services sold.

If we are requesting additional information about a UCC Lien, you may submit one of the following:

  • Payment statements indicating the current status of the loan
  • A letter from the lienholder that the loan has been satisfied

FAQ on Requested Information

Why am I being asked to complete this form?

You’ve requested a loan through Square Capital and we need additional information or documentation regarding your business to continue reviewing your loan application.

What if I don’t have all the requested information?

Fill out the form in full to the best of your ability. If the submitted documentation isn’t sufficient, the Capital Operations team will reach out to you for additional information via email and your Square Dashboard.
Note: Your loan application will not be reviewed if the form is incomplete.

What happens if I don’t complete this form?

Without the requested information, your loan application will automatically be canceled after 14 days. If your application has been canceled, please visit your Dashboard to see if you are eligible to request another loan through Square Capital.

How long does the application review process take?

Once you’ve completed any necessary information request forms, the Square Capital team will review your account. You will be notified of your application status within 1 to 3 business days.

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