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Square Payroll Employee And Contractor Sign Up

Square Payroll

Get full-service payroll, automated tax filings, and employee benefits all in one place.

The Square online payroll service allows you to get paid easily and manage your own information online or through the Square Team App on your mobile device. . To create your account and get started as an employee or contractor, you’ll need your personal information and bank account details on hand. If you are signing up as an employee, make sure you have the following:

  • Federal filing status (single, married, married filing separately)

  • Total allowances (from your W-4)

  • Additional withholding, if applicable

  • State filing status and allowances, if applicable

Create a Square Payroll Team Member Account

After you have been invited to set up an online account, you will receive a notification email. To get started, you must locate the email from Square Payroll with the subject line, “[Business name] has invited you to set up an online account”. The email contains a link to create a Square Payroll account.

To set up a Square Payroll Team online account:

  1. Open the email and click Set Up Online Account. You can create your online account on a web browser or through the Square Team App on your mobile device.

  2. If the email address through which you were invited to Square Payroll is associated with a Square Point of Sale or Cash App account, type in the email address and enter in your existing password.

  3. If the email address through which you were invited to Square Payroll has not been used for a Square Point of Sale or Cash App account, the email address the invite was sent to will be pre-populated. Enter in and confirm your password.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Fill in the requested personal information.

  6. If you are a W-2 employee in a state with optional state withholding details, Square will default to use your federal tax information unless you choose to provide separate state tax withholding details.

  7. Enter in your bank account details. If you prefer, you can opt to split your direct deposit check to two different bank accounts based on a set percentage of your paycheck by adding a second bank account to the Linked accounts tab. If you have trouble locating this information, visit Add Your Bank Account. You can read more about how to split your paycheck in your Employee Dashboard or on the Square Team App in our Support Center. Note: If you do not currently have a valid bank account, you cannot receive direct deposit through Square Payroll. If this is the case, let your employer know that you will need to receive paper checks. Your employer is able to change your payment method.

  8. Click Done to complete your direct deposit setup. You will be taken to your dashboard, which will display your pay stubs once you receive pay through Square Payroll.

Square Payroll Team Member Dashboard and Square Team App

From your Square Payroll team member account or the Square Team app, you can view your paystubs and a summary of each payment by pay period, update your tax and personal information, and update the bank account through which you receive your direct deposits.

Learn more about navigating your Square Payroll team member dashboard or Square Team App.