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Kitchen Names with Square for Restaurants

Add an internal kitchen-facing name to any item, variation or modifier. Setting up kitchen names creates an efficient kitchen workflow – you can create custom names that can be shorter, more detailed or in the preferred language of your kitchen staff.

Set Up Kitchen-Facing Names

To add kitchen-facing name from your Square Dashboard:

  1. Visit either your Menus or Items and select an item, item variation or modifier from the list.

  2. In the Kitchen Name field, enter a name.

  3. Select Save and View Item Details. If you are editing from the Menu section, you can also update the kitchen names in bulk.

Note: The Kitchen Name will only show up on the KDS and on printed kitchen tickets. It will not show up in the Point of Sale or on customers’ printed receipts.

Edit Settings in App

In your Point of Sale and KDS printer settings, you can specify whether or not an order ticket will use the kitchen-facing name for each printer station.

  1. From your Point of Sale or KDS, go to Settings > Printers.  

  2. Tap a specific printer station or Create a Printer Station.

  3. Tap Order Tickets > Use this printer for Order Tickets  or tap Online Orders > Use this printer for online orders.

  4. Toggle On Print Kitchen Names. 

  5. Select Back > Save.

Note: Any kitchen-facing names will always be used on the KDS and cannot be turned off, edited or removed from the device.

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