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2-Step Verification Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble with 2-step verification, review this article for help and next steps.

I can’t access my phone to receive the verification code needed to log in to my account. What do I do?

You can contact us for help.

I have team members that use 2-Step Verification. How do I change a team member’s information?

Visit your online Square Dashboard to update this information. Learn more about managing 2-Step Verification information.

I just turned on 2-Step Verification, but it’s not required to sign into the app – what’s the issue?

It sounds like your app is out of date and you’ll need to update to the newest version in order to use this feature.

Can I make 2-Step Verification required for some team members, but optional for others?

Not at this time. 2-Step Verification will apply to all of your team members when enabled.

How do I change the information I use for 2-Step Verification as a team member?

Head to Account & Settings in your online Dashboard. From here you can remove your number and add a new one.

I received an email saying I’ll be required to enable 2-Step Verification when I log in to Square, but I don’t have a phone number to register with.

You’ll have to contact a full access team member to decide the best way to move forward, but once 2-Step Verification is turned on by a full access team member, you can’t skip the step.

I saved my login session for 30 days in the online Dashboard – why am I being asked to use 2-Step Verification on my account?

This feature is device specific, so you’ll need to opt to ‘Remember this Device’ for any Square app on your mobile device (saving your login session for 30 days), in addition to when you log onto your account on your computer.

How do I remove the ‘Remember this Device’ setting from the app on my mobile device?

The best way to do this is to reset your password. If you’re using an Android device, you can go to your device Settings > Apps > Select your Square App > Clear Data. Note that this will log you out of the Square app.

I work at two different businesses that use Square and one of them turned on 2-Step Verification, but I already have it set up for the other business. Will I have to set it up again?

Nope. If you’ve already set it up for one business, it’ll work for both. You will see no difference in how you log in.