Square Marketing FAQ

Existing Campaign FAQ

Can I cancel Square Marketing campaigns?

Yes. You can cancel any automated marketing campaigns and blast campaigns with a voucher at any time. Update, Event Invitation and Product Announcement blast campaigns can’t be cancelled.

To cancel a campaign:

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select the Active campaign you’d like to cancel and click Cancel.

  3. Select whether you’d like to still honour unredeemed vouchers or cancel and invalidate them.

  4. Click Cancel Campaign.

Can I duplicate a campaign?

Yes, you can duplicate a previously completed campaign. To do so:

Visit Customers > Marketing in your online Square Dashboard.

  1. Click Completed and select the campaign you’d like to duplicate.

  2. Click Duplicate.

  3. Complete, review and send or schedule your campaign.

Where can I search for rewards using a customer’s email address?

You can search for rewards through the Square Point of Sale app. If you don’t see the option to search for rewards in-app, be sure you are using an updated version of Square Point of Sale.

How can I change the business name or address in a campaign?

For the first campaign you send, Square Marketing will take the business name and address from your Business Settings. You can update your business name after sending a campaign from the campaign header under Business Name.

Note: Changing the business name from Business Settings won’t affect what’s displayed in your campaigns. To modify the address that appears on a campaign, you’ll need to update it from the last campaign sent.

Payment FAQ

Can customers redeem Marketing vouchers on my Square Online site?

Yes. With Square Marketing, you can create vouchers for your Square Online site and share them with customers in multiple ways. Learn how to create discounts and vouchers for Square Online items for more information.

Why wasn’t my customer’s reward automatically applied at the time of sale?

There are two ways your customers can redeem their rewards.

  • Rewards need to be applied manually to a sale by looking up the customer’s associated receipt email address or 6-digit reward code. Your customer can locate the email address or 6-digit code associated with their reward in the email they received. They’ll need to present this information to you at checkout so you can locate and apply the reward.

  • Your customer can elect to tie the reward directly to the payment card they last used at your business. The reward will be automatically applied when they use that same payment card during their next visit. If you have trouble, ask the customer for their 6-digit reward code or email to apply the reward manually.

Learn more about applying rewards.

Why is my customer seeing a pending charge on their bank statement for the full sale amount instead of the reward price?

When a reward is redeemed, Square will authorise a payment card for the full sale amount before the reward is applied. Some banks reflect this activity as a pending charge. These are not actual charges but simply Square verifying that funds are available. Your customer will see the discounted sale amount posted to their account in the next few days.

I voided a payment that had a reward applied. Can the customer redeem the reward again?

Not at this time. Rewards are no longer valid, and are considered used if they were added to a sale that was voided. You can manually apply a discount to the customer’s next sale.

Can I send vouchers outside of the Email Marketing subscription?  

With the vanity code voucher builder, you can create vouchers to promote your existing social media channels without subscribing to email marketing campaigns. To get started:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Customers > Marketing.

  2. Click Vouchers> Create Voucher

  3. From the design screen, you can create a custom code, choose a voucher type, choose when the voucher applies and add a description and an expiry date.

  4. Click Activate.

You can view all of the vanity code vouchers you created in the voucher builder in your online Square Dashboard by going to Marketing > Vouchers. There, you can see the runtime, total discounts, total redeemed vouchers and the vanity code voucher status.

Note: If you created a voucher from the email builder, it will not display in the list of all vouchers in the vanity code voucher builder.

To share your promo code across social media and other places online:

  1. From your Square Dashboard, go to Customers > Marketing > Vouchers.

  2. Select the voucher and click (···) > Preview .

  3. Click Copy Code.

Integration FAQ

Why can’t my customers using Outlook see my campaign’s images?

Unfortunately, since Outlook doesn’t support the same formatting standards as most other email clients, images from your campaigns may not populate correctly for customers using their services.

Most popular email clients do support our standard formatting, so the majority of your customers can see your campaign’s images.

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