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Manage Your Subscriptions and Payment Method

Square offers subscription services where you’re billed monthly for all active paid services (excluding free trials). Subscriptions are built around your business, whether you’re using Team Management to manage your staff and rotas or Square Appointments to manage your client’s services, you can try the features for free for 30 days.

Square Subscriptions Offered

Currently, Square offers the following Paid Services:

Subscription 30-Day Free Trial

Try Square’s subscription services for free for 30 days.

If you’re enrolled in a free trial and wish to cancel the service, you’ll need to wait the full 30 days for the trial to complete. After the trial ends, you’ll have the option to subscribe or discontinue the service.

Note: if you decide to subscribe mid-month, you’ll be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the month.

Pay for Square Subscriptions

Pay with a Card

Square accepts all major credit and debit cards as a payment method for subscription services. Square will charge your credit or debit card on the first of the month. This payment method is best if you want to keep your subscription service expenses separate from your transaction fees. Your subscription fees will appear on your credit or debit card statement, while transaction fees will appear in your transfer details report.

Applicable Subscription VAT

VAT is not included in the subscription price. VAT will be calculated based on VAT number.

View Paid Services

You can check the status of your subscriptions and trials with Square directly from your online Square Dashboard or from within your Account & Settings tab. 

For a quick summary of your subscription status, follow these steps:

  1. sign in to your online Square Dashboard and click your business name in the top right corner.

  2. A menu will expand with a basic overview of your subscriptions.

From there, you can click an individual subscription to view more details, such as the remaining days of a trial. Click Manage All to view and manage all of your subscriptions in the Account & Settings tab. 

You can also access your subscriptions by viewing Pricing & Subscriptions

To do so:

  1. sign in to your online Square Dashboard and click Settings > Account & Settings.

  2. Click Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions.

From the Pricing & Subscriptions tab, you’ll be able to view your subscription pricing, previous bills and all your monthly statements. If your business has multiple locations, your monthly bills and summaries can be seen on the location-specific dashboards. To switch location views, click Main Account in the grey filter at the top of this tab in your dashboard.

You can resend fee invoice emails if needed. To do so:

  1. navigate to Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Under Business information, tap Pricing & subscriptions.

  3. Scroll to Monthly Summaries.

  4. Click the three dots > Resend Invoice.

Note: you can also download the PDF form using the same menu.

Unsubscribe from Paid Services

You can also unsubscribe from subscription services at any time by clicking Cancel Service within your Pricing & Subscriptions tab.

If you remove any subscription service, including your free trial, we’ll discontinue your subscription for that service on the first of the following month. You will continue to have access to that service until the end of the current month.

Pause Subscriptions

You can pause all of your subscriptions to Square products. Similar to a cancellation, each pause is managed per individual subscription. To pause a subscription:

  1. go to Account & Settings from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Businessinformation > Pricing & Subscriptions.

  3. Under Subscription Pricing, click Manage next to the appropriate subscription.

  4. Click Pause subscription.

Note: you can pause for up to three months and resume at any time.

To learn more about pausing subscriptions, visit our Pause Subscription FAQs.

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