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Connect Recommended Hardware to Square Stand

Square Stand makes it easy to connect compatible cash drawers, receipt printers, and bar code scanners. To start, be sure your Square Stand is connected to the USB hardware hub and plugged into a power socket.

Square Stand accessories connection graphic

Connect Hardware to the Square Stand

  1. Plug your Square reader, receipt printer and/or barcode scanner into a USB port on the hardware hub. The hardware hub is the rectangular component that connects your Square Stand to the power adapter.

  2. When a piece of hardware is properly connected, the Square app will give you confirmation.

To test your cash drawer and receipt printer:

  1. Tap More to navigate to the menu.

  2. Tap Settings > Hardware.

  3. Tap the hardware you’d like to test from the list (e.g., Cash Drawers, Printers).

From here, you’ll see the connected hardware.

Learn more about connecting a receipt printer to your Square Stand:

Tips for Connecting Hardware to the Square Stand

  • The cash drawer will open automatically after every cash payment when properly connected.

  • You can also connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner to the Square Stand.

Troubleshoot the USB Bar Code Scanner:

If the Zebra LS2208 bar code scanner is listed as “not compatible” when plugged in to your stand, reset the bar code scanner. To do so:

  1. Print the LS2208 Quick Start Guide. This step is necessary for completing the remaining steps.

  2. Scan the bar code labeled HID KEYBOARD EMULATION from the printed LS2208 Quick Start Guide while the bar code scanner is plugged into the USB hub of the Square Stand.

  3. Unplug the bar code scanner and then plug it back into the Square Stand.