Incorrect Receipts

With Square Point of Sale, the phone number you enter to receive digital receipts is linked to the payment card used for that transaction.

Receive Customer Payment Information and Receipts

If you would like to receive a digital receipt after you make a purchase with a Square seller, you can ask the seller for the option to enter your mobile number after a sale. Once you enter your mobile number, you will receive a text message containing a link to your digital receipt.

Note: Square is only able to text digital receipts to mobile numbers which are enabled to receive SMS messages.

You can also look up your transactions processed through Square at any time from Square’s receipt search.

Flag Receipts Received in Error

If you receive a digital receipt detailing a transaction you do not recognise, click Not Your Receipt? at the bottom of the Square receipt or Don’t Recognise This Charge? at the top of the receipt if it’s the first you’ve received from Square.

If you don’t see either of these options, or would like to unlink the contact information associated with your payment card you can contact Square Support and we’ll be glad to get this sorted.

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