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Stock Conversion: Sell-By

Welcome to Square’s Early Access Program for Stock Conversion: Sell-by. We’re super excited to share this new way of managing inventory with you. 

With Stock Conversion, Square for Retail subscribers will be able to manage inventory when selling an item in different units of measure. Let’s get started.

For a step-by-step visual of this feature, check out this Video Walkthrough.

Setting Up Your Inventory 

You can create sell-by units in Dashboard in a few easy steps. 

  1. In Square Dashboard, click Items.

  2. Select an item from your library (or create a new item and input item details).

  3. On the Edit Item page, scroll down to Variations and select Edit variation details.

  4. On the Edit variation page, click the Add Unit button.

  5. Enter in the item’s Details and Variations.

    1. Select Add Unit in the row that lists Price. On this screen, you will be able to enter in the units, conversions, and price per unit that you’d like to sell this product for. 

  6. Once complete, select Done in the lower right-hand corner > Save.

  7. Once saved, you can view the your Item's variations by clicking the arrow (>) to the left of the variation.

Note: Different sell-by units cannot be combined with Item Options at this time. If you use Add Options to generate variations, you will not see Add unit.

Selling Your Inventory

  1. Navigate to Items and select the item you’d like to sell.

  2. Select the Variation you’d like to sell. Then select Add to cart. 

    1. If there are multiple unit types for a single variation, you’ll need to select the variation and then select the unit.

  3. Next, input the quantity by selecting the item in the top right hand-corner. It will be in blue text, like the photo below: 

A new screen will pop up. You will type the quantity and select Done

5. Select Add to cart, and the item will now be in your customer’s order. There are a number of ways the by-unit information will differ as it is displayed throughout your reports and Dashboard. In the following examples, we are using a pack of 5 candles sold in a set and individually to show the difference. 

 This is in a customer’s cart

This is an email receipt:

This is what the transaction details look like:

This is the item sales report:

This is what it looks like as an invoice created in Retail:

Dashboard Reports

Heading back to the Dashboard to see more reports, this is what the item sales report looks like: 

This is what a cost of goods sold report looks like:

If you are having any trouble accessing or using this feature, please email us at You are also invited to join us in our Seller Community to provide feedback and participate in discussions with other Beta Sellers.

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