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Virtual Terminal FAQs

How is Virtual Terminal different from using Square Invoices?

You can use both Square’s online invoices and Virtual Terminal to bill your customers via the online Square Dashboard.

Invoices: Ideal for merchants who don’t need to instantly collect payment, want to bill their customers via email or set up recurring payments. Customers will receive an emailed invoice and enter their payment card details on their end. Learn more about sending Square Invoices.

Virtual Terminal: suited for sellers who want to immediately charge their customers using a computer, either in person or remotely, for orders received over the phone or email.

Square’s standard processing fee for processing Invoices and Virtual Terminal payments is 2.5% per transaction. Learn more about Square’s processing fees.

What payment details do I need to collect from my customer to key-in a payment?

You’ll need the following information to accept a payment with Virtual Terminal:

  • Card number

  • Expiry date

  • CVV/CVV2

We also provide you a field to include a note, with a length of up to 60 characters. If your customer has requested a digital payment confirmation, you can provide their email address or mobile number. This will be used to automatically send your customer a customised digital payment confirmation of the transaction.

Note: Any information entered in the note field will appear in your online Square Dashboard, sales reports and on your customer’s payment confirmation – you should not record personal, card or other sensitive information in that field.

Can I add items, taxes and discounts to a sale with Virtual Terminal?

Yes. You’re able to add existing items from your Item library to a sale, including modifiers, taxes and discounts. You’re also able to apply discounts and taxes to a single-use custom amount or item using the Itemised Sale option.

Can I add a tip to a sale with Virtual Terminal?

Yes, when taking an itemised sale or a Quick Charge payment in Virtual Terminal, you can click Add Tip, then select an amount of 10%, 15%, 20% or add a customised tip amount.

Can I split a payment with Virtual Terminal?

Yes, you can split a payment so your customer can pay by multiple payment methods. You can also record cash or other tender payments for record purposes. 

If I split a payment with Virtual Terminal, will I be charged for each payment card?

Yes, there is a per transaction fee for split payments on card. You will not be charged if you’re recording the split payments as cash or other tender payment methods. 

Can I add a tip to a sale using split tender payments with Virtual Terminal?

No, the Add Tip feature is not available when splitting tender payments. Simply add the tip to the original payment amount before splitting. 

Does Virtual Terminal work with Card on File?

Yes, you can securely store and charge a customer’s card on file using Virtual Terminal.

Can I schedule recurring payments with Virtual Terminal?

Yes, you can schedule recurring quick-charge or itemised sales using a customer’s card on File. Learn how to schedule and manage Recurring Payments with Virtual Terminal.

Can I use Virtual Terminal on my mobile device to swipe, insert or touch payments?

You can key-in transactions through Virtual Terminal. To swipe, dip or tap payments, download Square Point of Sale. The dedicated Square Point of Sale app is designed to accept payments on a mobile device. If you have not done so already, download the Square app and purchase a Square Reader to take card payments on a compatible iOS or Android device.

How do I see transactions processed through Virtual Terminal?

Transactions processed through Virtual Terminal will appear as card transactions in your Sales reports. In your Transaction Status report, the source will appear as “Terminal.”

Should I provide an email or a mobile number for my customer?

You should only provide a customer email or mobile number if your customer has requested a digital payment confirmation. This email or mobile number will be used to automatically send your customer a digital payment confirmation of the transaction.

How can I process a refund for a transaction taken through Virtual Terminal?

You can process refunds directly from the Transactions section of your online Square Dashboard or Square app in the same way as any other payment. Learn how to process a refund.

Can my team member access Virtual Terminal if they do not have access to Square Dashboard?

Team members need to have access to the online Square Dashboard to use Virtual Terminal. Should you prefer limiting their access to taking payments, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Team Members section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select the name of the team member whose permissions you’d like to update.

  3. Click Edit next to Permissions.

  4. Select a role which has Access Team Dashboard enabled, or click Edit Permissions and toggle Access Team Dashboard on.

  5. Check Take Payments with Virtual Terminal. If applicable, check Manage Customer’s Cards on File and Use Customer Directory and Feedback to allow this team member to save and charge cards on file using Virtual Terminal.

  6. Click Save.

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