Learn how to process a full or partial refund from your Point of Sale app or online Square Dashboard.

Process Full, Itemised or Partial Refunds In-App

  1. Tap the following icon in the navigation bar:Three Horizontal Lines
  2. Tap Transactions.
  3. Select the payment you’d like to refund > Issue Refund.
  4. Tap Select All Items to refund the entire sale, select the specific items you’d like to refund or tap Amount to refund a specific dollar amount.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Select items to restock and choose a reason or opt to Skip Restock.
  7. Tap Refund.

When issuing an itemised refund, the amount being refunded will reflect any applicable taxes (e.g. Sales Tax) and discounts for the selected item(s).

For Custom Amount transactions, you’ll have the option to refund any dollar amount up to the total amount of the sale.


  • Any payment processed with an Interac Debit card must be refunded in person through the Square Point of Sale app with the original purchasing card present.
  • At this time, you’re not able to issue a partial refund on an item.
  • Since a tip is considered a line item, you can refund it individually. Issuing a refund for a tip will not allow you to adjust the amount since you are unable to issue a partial refund on an item. In order to receive a tip after it’s been refunded, you will need to reprocess your customer’s card.

Process Full and Partial Refunds Online

  1. Visit Sales > Transactions in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select the payment you’d like to refund > Issue Refund.
  3. Enter the amount you want to refund and the reason for the refund.
  4. Click Refund.

Note: If you issued a partial refund, the remaining portion of the payment can be refunded at a later time. Partial refunds will not include tax and tip in reports.

Cash, Cheques and Other Tender Refunds

To balance your books, you can refund cash, cheques and other tender payments within 120 days of the payment date. Square doesn’t process any funds for these payment types and functions only as an organisational tool.

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