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Preguntas frecuentes sobre la suspensión de las transferencias

Para proteger tu dinero y el de tus clientes, Square necesita más información sobre los pagos que has aceptado recientemente antes de transferir los fondos retenidos.

Aquí encontrarás respuestas a preguntas frecuentes sobre tu cuenta de Square y las transferencias suspendidas.

Revisión de cuenta

Why am I being asked to complete this electronic form?

We ask for information about your business because it’s important to us that Square is a safe place to do business. We keep Square secure for all sellers by knowing the details of how you run your business – like the kinds of goods and services you sell, how you bill your customers, and the way you manage your cash flow. And by helping us understand your business, we’re in a better position to provide you with resources to help you avoid payment disputes or fraudulent transactions.

Why is my money being held?

While the review is occurring, we hold the funds to ensure that we understand what they are for and how your business is run so we can guarantee a safe trading environment.

Why didn’t you ask for this information when I signed up for Square?

We like to make signing up for an account as easy as possible, so we don’t require this information at sign up. We do, however, give you the option to proactively provide it in the Square Secure portion of your online Square Dashboard. We only reach out when we need a bit more information to verify your business or to make sure we understand the payments.

Square has a wide range of legal and regulatory obligations it must meet when providing account services to its customers. These are ongoing and don’t just apply at the account opening stage. To comply with these obligations, we may need to review accounts and the activity taking place on them.

What if I don’t have all the requested information?

There are likely some questions marked as optional in brackets. For these, you are not required to give an answer. Please fill in the provided form to the best of your ability. We’re looking for documentation to verify your business and the goods or services your business provides through Square.

If the submitted documentation isn’t sufficient, our Account Services team will contact you for additional information.

How long does the account review process take?

Once you’ve submitted all requested documentation, our Account Services team begins a review of your account. You’ll receive an email within one to two working days after the review, letting you know if more information is needed, or when you can expect to see the deposits resumed to your bank account.

Can I expedite the review process?

The review process is set at one to two business days. The quicker you complete the form, the quicker your transfers may resume.

Helpful Tip: The more information you provide, the better we will be able to understand your business and the quicker we’ll be able finish this review.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Square is committed to keeping your information safe, secure and private. All of our pages are secure, served via SSL/TLS. Square is also certified PCI compliant. For more information, read our Security Policy and Privacy Policy.

What will happen to my account if I don’t complete this form?

Without the requested information, our Account Services team will be unable to review your account and your transfers will remain suspended in your Square balance. If you’d prefer not to provide this information, you may attempt to refund the transactions and the associated fees and request payment from your customer(s) outside of Square.

Will I have to submit more information each time I accept a payment?

We don’t request information from you after each payment. We are committed, however, to helping you process transactions in a way that keeps your business safe. You can help us avoid the need to ask you for more information by learning more about potential sources of fraud and following a few best practices around
accepting payment cards.

Can I refund these held payments and seek another form of payment?

If you don’t want to provide the requested information, you may refund the transactions and request your customers complete their payment(s) outside of Square.

Transferencias suspendidas

Why are my transfers suspended?

Your transfers are likely suspended because we noticed some unusual activity on your Square account. Our system periodically reviews your transactions to keep your account safe from scams and fraud. This may not necessarily be the reason your transfers in particular are suspended, but our policy is to make sure your business is protected when our system notices something out of the ordinary.

What are some examples of government-issued documents?

  • Australian Business Registration
  • DBA
  • Occupational license
  • Official certification of trade
  • Industry standard documentation
  • Seller’s permit
  • Articles of incorporation

If I don’t have a registered business, what can I send you?

If you don’t have a registered business, you can send us a copy of your government-issued identification.

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card
  • Or International Equivalent

Why do you need my bank statements?

We want to assess the health of your business, which means that we need to make sure that you can support refunds or chargebacks if they happen. Seeing the bank statements will also help us to understand how the business operates.

The information we request is strictly confidential and used only for the sole purpose of further understanding your business.

Note: If the bank account in question is new, you can provide bank statements of a personal account you own. In this case, you should also provide documentation that includes your name and account number as proof that the new account is in your, or your business’, name.

What are some examples of transaction documentation?

  • Invoice
  • Purchase order
  • Detailed receipt
  • Bill of sale
  • Signed debit or credit card authorisation form
  • Email correspondence with buyer
  • Photos of the goods sold

What if my business doesn’t use certain documents that have been requested?

If you do not have certain documentation, you can add a blank Word document to the form in place to be able to submit.

Note: The form needs to be fully completed to be submitted. If a required field is left blank, the form can’t be successfully submitted and reviewed.

Solución de problemas del formulario

No puedo subir archivos. ¿Qué debo hacer?

Accede a un navegador web (como Safari, Google Chrome o Firefox) desde un ordenador o un dispositivo móvil.

  1. Inicia sesión en el Panel de control en línea de Square (no en la aplicación TPV Square) y haz clic en el icono de campana para abrir las notificaciones.
  2. Selecciona Depósitos aplazados para abrir el formulario de verificación de cuentas de Square.
  3. Rellena tantos datos como sea posible y sube la información que se te ha pedido.
  4. Cuando termines, haz clic en Enviar.

Panel de control de Square - Revisión de cuenta - Navegador web - ES-ES

Consejo: Debes tener JavaScript activado en el navegador. Para ello, sigue estas instrucciones en función del navegador que uses: Firefox, Chrome o Safari. Si sigue sin funcionar, prueba con otro navegador o dispositivo.

¿Qué tipos de archivos se aceptan?

Se aceptan archivos en formato HEIC, JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG y TIFF, con un tamaño máximo de 50 MB.

¿Puedo acceder al formulario desde mi teléfono?

Sí. Usa un navegador móvil como Safari o Google Chrome para iniciar sesión en el Panel de control en línea de Square. No es posible abrirlo desde la aplicación TPV Square.

Para acceder al formulario electrónico de solicitud de información:

  1. Pulsa el icono de campana para abrir las notificaciones.
  2. Selecciona Depósitos aplazados.
  3. Rellena tantos datos como sea posible y haz clic en Enviar.

Panel de control de Square - Revisión de cuenta- iOS para móviles - ES-ES

No puedo escanear los documentos. ¿Qué debo hacer?

Si no puedes escanear los documentos que necesitamos, también puedes presentar la documentación desde tu teléfono inteligente. En el formulario de confirmación, haz clic en Elegir archivo. Podrás hacer una foto de la documentación o seleccionar una imagen de tu galería.

Panel de control de Square - Revisión de cuenta - iOS para móviles - ES

No puedo escanear los documentos ni hacerles una foto. ¿Cómo puedo enviarlos?

Puedes enviárnoslos por fax. En primer lugar, rellena los campos del formulario en los que no hay que subir documentos. A continuación, haz clic en Enviar por fax y sigue las instrucciones que aparecen en la página. Debes usar la portada que te proporcionamos. De lo contrario, no podremos comprobar a qué cuenta corresponden los documentos y se retrasará la revisión de tu cuenta.

Ejemplos de preguntas

En esta sección puedes ver preguntas similares a las que puedes recibir durante una revisión, así como ejemplos de solicitudes de documentación.

Please provide three months of your most recent bank statements for your linked bank account.

  • Attach bank statements from the last three months in PDF format.

  • Use statements from the bank account linked to your Square account. If you don’t have three months worth of statements, you may use an alternative account (like a Personal bank account).

  • These statements should show all debits and credits and the monthly balance summary.

  • If you do not have access to online banking, ensure that screenshots or photographs include your account number and sort code for verification.

Please provide three months of your most recent historical merchant processing statements.

  • This question only applies to those that have used an alternative payment processor before Square.

  • It is likely an optional question, so feel free to skip if it isn’t applicable.

Please provide the signed contract(s) for the customer(s) listed.

  • We’re looking for communication between you and your customer that shows us what your customer purchased and that they know what they purchased.

  • If you didn’t issue an invoice or contract, any communication between you and your customer about this payment will be sufficient.

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