Get Started with Square Appointments on Square Terminal

With Square Appointments on Square Terminal you can: 

  • Run your business – from bookings to checkout – in a single workflow.

  • Attribute sales and commission to corresponding staff members.

  • Access consistent and reliable reporting of your bookings, payments and staff performance.

Sign Up for Square Appointments

You need to be using Square Appointments Free, Square Appointments Plus or Square Appointments Premium to open Square Appointments on Square Terminal. If you haven’t already, Sign up for Square Appointments

Set up Square Terminal 

Set up your Square Terminal by following the steps provided including how to set up receipts and accessories like USB scanner and cash drawer.

Sign in to Square Appointments on Square Terminal

Once you turn on your Square Terminal, you will be asked to complete some setup steps. Please follow the instructions to set up your time, time zone, language and Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

  1. Before using Square Appointments on Square Terminal, you’ll need to update your device software to the latest version.

    • If opening a new Square Terminal out of the box, tap the back arrow twice to get to the sign-in screen.

    • If already logged in to a Square Terminal, sign out of the device. Then, tap ≡ More, scroll down, and tap Sign out, then confirm by tapping Sign Out again.

    • Depending on your current software version, you may need to update your device twice.

  2. If you already have an existing Square Appointments account, simply sign in to your account using your email address. Note: Signing in using a device code is not yet supported with Square Appointments.

  3. After signing in, select Square for Appointments as the point of sale. If you have multiple locations, select the appropriate location.

Navigate Your Calendar

Your calendar helps you manage your day, week or month at a glance and syncs with your online Appointments Dashboard, and any other devices you use to manage your appointments.

View your appointments by day, week or list view. You can even switch to day view to see schedules for up to 20 staff members at the same time.

If you have confirmation requests enabled, you will also see the confirmation status of each appointment in the calendar. Confirmed appointments will show a checkmark next to the appointment, and unconfirmed appointments will show a question mark.

Manage your appointments 

The large touchscreen on your Terminal allows you to easily create, edit and remove appointments for yourself or your staff members.

To create a new appointment:

  1. Tap + or press and hold the desired time slot > tap Create New Appointment.

  2. Add an existing customer by searching for their name, email address or phone number or create a new Customer Profile.

  3. Use the date selector to choose the date and time > add one or more services.

  4. Select the staff performing the service > Save.

  5. Tap Notification Type to select if and how you’d like to notify your customer.

  6. Tap Create Appointment.

To edit or cancel an existing appointment, simply tap the appointment and make any changes on the appointment details screen.

Accept Payments on Square Terminal

To take payments with your Square Terminal:

  1. From the Checkout tab, enter a custom amount or add an item from your Item Library.

  2. Tap Charge.

Tap (Apple Pay, Google Pay or contactless device)
Ask your customer to hold a contactless device or card near the contactless symbol in the center of the screen to start the payment.

Insert (chip cards)
The front of the card with the chip on it should face up. Insert the chip card into the chip card slot and leave it in place until prompted to remove card.

Swipe (magstripe cards)
Swipe magnetic stripe cards through the magstripe reader on the right side of Square Terminal. The magstripe must face inward.

Manage your Orders 

You can manage your orders with Square from your Square Terminal. Choose to receive alerts for new orders, automatically print order tickets and search and filter your orders all in one place. 

To get started, navigate to the Orders sections in your Appointments Point of Sale.

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