Export Card on File to Third Party Payment Processors

If you are moving from Square to another payment processor, Square can help migrate your customer card on file records (primary account number data) to that provider. Per PCI regulations, we can only directly transfer the data to another PCI DSS Level 1-compliant payment processor.

Before you start the process, ensure you have your new payment processor's migration support email address.

Get Started

  1. Send your export request to card-export-requests@squareup.com with your Square merchant name and CC your new payment processor’s migration support in the email.

  2. A representative from Square will schedule a phone call with you to verify ownership of your account and confirm your request to export card data.

  3. Once we've verified ownership, we'll begin the process of exporting your customer card on file information. Note: It may take up to two weeks to complete this process, depending on whether Square has established a migration process with the new payment processor.

  4. We will send an encrypted file to your new payment processor in the following CSV format:


    The “card_id” and “customer_id” refer to Square’s ID for these entities.

  5. Your new payment processor will need to create customer records mapping to the ones in Square. To help them do so, you can export customer data (Square customer ID, names, phone numbers, and email addresses) from your online Square Dashboard. You can also work with your new payment processor to access your data via Square's public APIs.

Important to note

  • This PCI-compliant process is for exporting card data ONLY. For any other data that you want to migrate over, you can access them via Square Dashboard or Square's public APIs.

  • Support from our Engineering team is available in English.

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