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Schedule Item Updates for Square Online Items

Note: Schedule item updates by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

With scheduled item updates, you can schedule online item visibility and online sale price changes ahead of time to run special sales or launch new products on your Square Online site. You can schedule updates for individual items or for multiple items via bulk actions. You can also choose when you want items to be updated, and view upcoming and completed schedules on the item details page.

For more information on bulk actions, learn how to update multiple items at once with bulk actions in Dashboard.

Schedule Item Updates

To schedule item updates:

  1. From your Square Item Library, select one or more items to schedule using the checkboxes.

  2. Click Actions and choose the option you want to schedule.

  3. Set up your update and toggle on Schedule for later.

  4. Review your changes and click Schedule update to finish.

Item Attributes That Can Be Scheduled

The following item attributes can be scheduled for an automatic update by selecting the Schedule for later option:

  • Online visibility: Choose whether the item should be Visible, Hidden or Unavailable.

  • Online sale price: Choose to either apply or remove the sale price update.

View or Cancel Scheduled Item Updates

To view or cancel any of your scheduled item updates:

  1. From your Square Item Library, click Actions > Manage scheduled updates to view all of your scheduled updates.

  2. Under the scheduled update you want to cancel, click ••• > Cancel update.

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