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Add Custom Tracking Code to Square Online

Need to add a Facebook pixel or Google Analytics tracking code to your online store? The Integrations feature makes this quick and simple.

Note that this article describes how to insert certain types of code that are not intended to be visible and need to be inserted into the header of your online store (e.g. Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel) as opposed to embedded code that will display on your website pages (e.g., an event calendar or reservation widget). Check out our article on embedding code on your website for details on how to use the embed code section.


From your Square Online Overview page, go to Site Settings > Tracking Tools. There are five built-in options here that allow you to simply paste in your code or ID and have it automatically added to your website:

Google Analytics

Use this to add Google Analytics tracking to monitor traffic and other statistics on your online store. Find your tracking ID in your Analytics account, paste it in here then republish your online store to make it active.

Google Verification

Use this when you want to verify your online store with Google. Get the verification meta tag from Google, paste it here and publish your online store. You can then complete the verification process at Google.

Pinterest Verification and Conversion Tag

Use this option to verify your domain with Pinterest and add a tag to track conversions from Promoted Pins.

Facebook Pixel

Use this to enter your Facebook pixel ID from Facebook Ads, then publish your online store and complete the process through Facebook.

Bing Verification

Use this when you want to verify your online store with Bing. Get the verification meta tag from Bing, paste it here and publish your website.

What if you want to enable additional tracking for your Google Analytics code or add something that isn’t already built in? Not a problem – we’ve also provided a way for you to insert custom code into the header or body of your online store.


Click the “Add new code” button on the bottom of the Integrations page and enter a name for this code. Paste the code into the Custom code field, then choose where you want the code to be inserted on your website. Note that any code you add here will be inserted on every page of your site. When you’re finished, click Save and then republish your online store.

Important: Adding custom code can cause your website to display strangely, and can even “break” your online store or create unexpected compatibility issues. Please use this feature with caution and double-check to make sure any code you add is complete and correct.

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