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Customize Your Closing Procedures with Square for Restaurants

Customizing your close of day is the best way to ensure your team members complete all of the necessary steps before ending their shifts or closing the restaurant. You can update your close of day settings at any time from your online Square Dashboard.

Close of day settings are location-specific. Make sure to update your settings for each applicable location.

You can configure which actions are required to run the Close of Day and which actions are required to run the Shift Report. Review which actions are required and which actions are recommended directly in the Shift and Close of Day reports. 

Even if your managers have not completed all of the required actions, you can override your customized requirements and run the Close of Day report. 

Note: An override requires the owner passcode. Only override your requirements for running Close of Day reporting when you or your staff are blocked from completing one of the tasks.

Close of Day Settings

Your Close of Day report is the last report you’ll run for the day to close out your restaurant. Depending on your settings, you and your team members will have the opportunity to close out remaining open tickets, adjust tips, clock out and close any open cash drawers.

Close of Day Settings

To customize your Close of Day, head to your online Square Dashboard:

  1. From the Accounts & Settings tab, click Devices.

  2. Select Service Settings > Closing Procedures.

  3. Update your Close of Day and Shift report settings.

  4. Click Save.

By default, team members won’t be able to process a Close of Day report until they’ve completed each of the following actions:

  • Close all open bills

  • Adjust all credit card tips

  • End all cash drawers

  • Clock Out All Team Members

Some of the above settings also show up for the team member Shift Report. When you enable settings for both (for example, adjust all credit card tips), if a team member forgets to run a Shift Report, the manager on duty will still have the opportunity to add a tip amount to a bill before running the Close of Day report.

Keep in mind: Running the Close of Day report will not zero out your sales report. If you need to adjust the time frame of your in-app sales report, tap Customize to view specific dates, times and team members.

Sales Report

Shift Report Settings

While the Close of Day report will give you a full overview of your restaurant’s sales, the Shift Report is for individual team members. Each team member can run a shift report to see their total sales, hours worked and the cash owed to them or to the house.

A Shift Report can only be run if outstanding tasks have been completed, such as closing all bills or adjusting credit card tips. These tasks can be configured from Devices > ServiceSettings > ClosingProcedures in your online Square Dashboard. Before running your report, you can select Edit report on the report preview page to configure custom dates.

Team members must close all bills: Team members with bills assigned to them will be blocked from clocking out until all bills are closed or reassigned to another team member.

Team members must adjust all credit card tips: Team members with credit card sales without tips added will be blocked from clocking out until all credit card tips have been adjusted.

You’ll also have the option to include or exclude information on the team member Shift Report. The Shift Report will always include a basic sales summary, but if you want your team members to see an item or item category breakdown, you have that option as well. Keep in mind that the option to print your Shift report will be disabled if your printer is not connected to your device.

Read more about Shift Reports.

Pay Out Auto-Gratuity

You can choose to either have auto-gratuity automatically pay out from your cash drawer report or manually issue a payout from cash management. When you manually issue a payout, you can add a note indicating which team member the cash is going to.

Auto-Gratuity will be reflected as Non-Cash Tips on the team member Shift Report, along with all other credit card tips.

If you have the Declare cash tips option turned on within the Shifts section of your Dashboard, team members can declare cash tips from the Shift report without clocking out. Tracking cash tips requires a subscription to Square for Restaurants Plus.

Read more about declaring cash tips and tip pooling with timecard management for team members.

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