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Dock for the Square Reader

There are two generations of Square Reader: Square Reader (1st generation) and Square Reader (2nd generation). Before purchasing a dock for your reader, you should identify your Square Reader to make sure you choose a compatible dock.

The white Dock for Square Reader is only compatible with the Square Reader (1st generation). The grey Bosstab Dock is compatible with both generations of Square Reader.

Left: Square Reader (1st generation) with Dock for Square Reader.
Right: Square Reader (2nd generation) with Bosstab Dock for Square Reader (sold separately).

Bosstab Dock for Square Reader (1st and 2nd generation)

To get started with the Bosstab Dock, review the steps below:

1. Locate the two buttons on either side of the outside cover. Push the two buttons simultaneously and slide the cover upwards to remove it. 

2. Place your Square Reader with the card slot facing downwards along the slope. The charging port and power button should be aligned with the higher part of the dock.

3. Place the outer cover back on until the cover clicks to lock into place.

4. Plug the power cable to the back of your Square Reader through the access opening in the back of the dock.

Note: The USB cord included with the Square Reader measures 0.8 metres. You can purchase an extended 2.0-metre cable in the Square Shop.

Dock for Square Reader (1st generation)

The Dock for Square Reader (1st generation) allows you to accept payments while keeping the reader charged and secure.

Image of the Dock for the Square contactless and chip card reader

To get started with the dock, review the steps below:

  1. Connect the dock’s USB cable to any powered USB port (e.g. mobile phone, phone charger, computer).

  2. On the dock, pull up on the clear tab to remove the detachable piece.

  3. Insert the Square Reader, making sure it’s fully connected by aligning the micro USB connectors.

  4. Put the detachable piece back to secure the reader in place.

  5. Make sure to connect your Square Reader to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy or to the hardware hub of Square Stand to start accepting payments. 

Note: The dock’s USB cord measures 1.75 metres. Extender cables aren’t officially supported, so we can’t guarantee compatibility.

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